That's the Spirit: World-Class Distillery Starts Production

That’s the Spirit: World-Class Distillery Starts Production

That’s the Spirit: World-Class Distillery Starts Production

Established with impeccable consistency, exceptional quality and great customer partnerships, production of Manildra Group’s grain neutral spirits has commenced at their world-class distillery at the Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales.

Building on its global reputation as a leading alcohol producer, the new cutting-edge distillery is a remarkable feat of engineering, as the largest distillery of its kind in Southeast Asia standing at an impressive 53-metres-high.

“From production, quality control, sales to logistics, our ethanol team takes great pride in perfecting our pure grain neutral spirits – making the brand synonymous with excellence,” said Manildra Group Head of Ethanol, Debbie Forster.

“The new generation of spirits delivers a neutral aroma, exceptionally smooth taste, and pleasant mouthfeel – produced in regional New South Wales.

“Attention to detail through the production process is paramount to the delivery of our superior grain neutral spirits, for domestic and global customers,” she said.

Equipped with advanced technology, the distillery cements Manildra Group’s position as a leading producer of premium distilled spirits with the range offering functional, nutritional, and sensory benefits for both food and non-food applications.

Deeply immersed in the science, art and production nuances of distillation, Manildra Group’s expert team share knowledge and high-level ideas to create the world’s best alcohol portfolio.

Manildra Group’s Ethanol Laboratory Manager Tim Allen is responsible for attesting to the highest-quality and superior nature of the alcohol range, prior to distribution from the Shoalhaven Starches site.

“Our top team of chemists and laboratory technicians conduct highly specialised methodical, technical, analytical, and sensory analysis of our spirit range.

“These rigorous standards and quality control measures are crucial in achieving alcohols with a neutral profile.

“From grain to glass, we are producing grain neutral spirits that are impeccable when it comes to quality, taste, and consistency,” said Mr Allen.

The new distillery complements and increases the current grain neutral spirit production capabilities at Shoalhaven Starches, supported by the on-site distillery control centre, storage tanks and beverage sensory laboratory.

Recognised as a pioneer in the development and production of the highest-quality grain neutral spirits, loyal family ownership and classic Australian values, Manildra Group is the cornerstone of the alcohol industry and a shining example of local enterprise.

Devoted to unlocking the potential of crafting superior spirits in partnership with businesses of all sizes from craft distilleries to some of the world’s highest-profile brands, Ms Forster said that collaboration and consistency was core to bringing customers’ visions to life.

“Our priority is strengthening our customer partnerships by expertly crafting, customising, and formulating an alcohol solution to perfectly meet their needs,” said Ms Forster.

Made from the finest GMO-free Australian wheat, Manildra Group’s grain neutral spirits are bound for domestic and international industries from food and beverages, cosmetic and beauty, to industrial and pharmaceutical.

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