Manildra Group is a 100 per cent Australian family-owned international agribusiness, uniquely integrated to:

  • add value to sustainable Australian agricultural products;
  • develop, manufacture and deliver innovative products – unrivalled in quality and value – for global markets; and
  • support rural Australian communities where we operate.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, at home and in the United States, help make our Australian-made ingredients the product of choice around the globe.

We are proud of our history as a reliable supplier of premium Australian products to customers from boutique Australian bakeries to major international corporations for the world’s most recognised brands.

Direct from the farm and right through our manufacturing processes to customer delivery, our commitment to superior quality and world-best practice are key to our shared success.With a focus on being internationally competitive, Manildra Group has achieved more than 68 years of growth alongside our farmers, suppliers, partners and customers.

The importance of these relationships – some spanning the full six decades and three generations of our family company – is never underestimated by us because together, we grow.

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Managing Director

John Honan

As a 100 per cent Australian owned family business, the foundations of our company have been set on having a global outlook, with continuous reinvestment and expansion of our world-class Australian and United States operations. Constant research, development and innovation have been key to Manildra Group becoming one of the largest exporters of value-added ingredients through Australia’s largest port in the past 40 years.

Positioning our company as a market leader in Australian-made ingredients such as starches, vital wheat gluten and alcohols – the building blocks for food and industrial products – has been central to maintaining our internationally competitive edge in ever-changing customer demands.

Growth in global markets – from paper and packaging industries in Asia to bakery and food markets in North America and beyond – has driven the expansion of our fully integrated agribusiness. 

Producing premium Australian products, we have a proud history as a reliable partner to customers of all scales, from small bakeries to some of the most-recognised brands in the world. 

We are committed to working alongside these global manufacturers, product innovators, and brand developers to bring the finest Australian ingredients to the world table. 

Our company’s heritage is in regional Australia, and our family business remains dedicated to a sustainable future for locally grown and manufactured food and industrial products. 

We always remember how our success is made possible thanks to the support of our partners, suppliers, farmers and customers.

– Message from the Managing Director John Honan