Manildra Group is Australia’s leading producer of ethanol – including a range of grades for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and personal care, industrial applications and transport fuels – as part of an innovative, integrated production process at our Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales.

To maintain premium quality in ethanol production, we select Australian-grown, GMO-free wheat as feedstock. The most stringent quality standards in the industry are met through methodical monitoring by our wheat fermentation specialists.

The largest facility of its kind in South East Asia, our state-of-the-art seven column distillery facilitates full-scale production of the purest grain-neutral spirits for a range of craft and big brand beverages.

Our ethanol facility is certified sustainable, by the internationally renowned Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials. Manildra Group manufactures an extensive range of ethanol grades to meet all domestic and international regulations and quality requirements.

With our unwavering commitment to quality-control systems and value-adding innovation, Manildra Group sets the global standard for ethanol purity and excellence.




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