Low GI Sugar Leads the way in Cashmere Syrups Success

Low GI Sugar Leads the way in Cashmere Syrups Success

Low GI Sugar Leads the way in Cashmere Syrups Success

Made with Low GI sugar among exclusively home-grown ingredients, the new range of Cashmere Syrups Iced Teas is an all-Australian innovation.

Launched last year by the Rainbow Syrup Company, a Queensland-based family business established in Brisbane in 2005, the Low GI range of Cashmere Syrups Iced Teas include zesty Lemon Myrtle, floral Peach and Hibiscus, refreshing Minted Green Tea, and tangy Goji Berry concentrates for adding ice and water.

“It’s an Australian innovation made here at home, using Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar to retain the naturally occurring antioxidants of the sugarcane plant with the full flavour of raw sugar,” said Rainbow Syrup Company Director Russell Dryer.

“The Low GI sugar enables us to produce a flavoursome syrup that delivers a sweet taste with a lower and slower rise in blood glucose,” Mr Dryer said.

Sunshine Sugar Chief Executive Officer Chris Connors said the “crisp flavours carried by our better-for-you, Low GI sugar are packed with antioxidants”, making Cashmere Syrups Iced Teas “perfect from the poolside to picnics and pick-me-ups for increasingly health-conscious consumers”.

The four Cashmere iced tea flavours form part of the Rainbow Syrup Company’s enticing range of coffee syrups, cocktail and slushie bases, ice-cream toppings, and natural fruit juice-based syrups available online since mid-2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on supply for schools and events.

“Since then, our online store has grown to offer a range of 30 delicious syrups supplied to more than 35,000 customers around Australia,” said Rainbow Syrup Company Marketing Director Jacob Dryer.