World Class Distillery Open for Business

World Class Distillery Open for Business | The Cultivator Spring 2018

The completion of a world-class distillery at Shoalhaven Starches in Nowra, NSW,  has culminated in the largest facility of its kind in South East Asia, creating 100 per cent pure Australian spirits.

With the taste of quality in every drop, the seven-column distillery produces grain-neutral spirits for craft and big brand beverages – including vodka, gin, blended whiskies, liquors and ready-to-drink packaged alcohol – using premium 100 per cent Australian, GMO-free wheat hand-selected as feedstock.

The latest investment into the state-of-the-art technology at Shoalhaven Starches, by Australian family-owned international agribusiness Manildra Group, continues more than 25 years of value-adding innovation for what’s been a pivotal part of a fully integrated production processes since 1992.

The manufacturing plant’s elite new distillery facilitates full-scale production of beverage-grade, grain-neutral spirits for personal care, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries across the globe.

With methodical testing carried out by wheat fermentation experts, who ensure the grain-neutral spirits meet Manildra’s industry-leading quality standards. Manildra has mastered a truly neutral-tasting and odourless premium product – perfect for craft distillers to use as the blank canvas base to create 100 per cent pure Australian spirits. This includes world-class gins, vodka and whiskies made by Manly Spirits.

World Class Distillery Open for Business