World Class Distillery Lights Up Night Sky

World Class Distillery Lights Up Night Sky | The Cultivator Autumn 2019

South East Asia’s biggest distillery of its kind is lighting up the night skyline on the South Coast of NSW, the dazzling result of ongoing innovation at the world-class Shoalhaven Starches manufacturing facility in Nowra.

The seven-column distillery creates 100 per cent pure Australian, grain-neutral spirits for craft and big brand beverages – including vodka, gin, blended whiskies and ready-to-drink packaged alcohol – from premium, GMO-free wheat.

It is the latest investment by Australian family-owned agribusiness Manildra Group into state-of-the-art technology at our flagship facility, and facilitates full-scale production of the premium product for domestic and export markets.

As industry leader for quality standards, we have mastered a truly neutral-tasting and odourless alcohol that is also ideal for use in food and flavouring, beauty and personal care, and medical and laboratory applications.

Our spirit’s smooth mouth feel make it a favourite among local distillers including Melbourne’s Starward Whisky, who work with our premium base to blend their distinctly Australian whiskies.

World Class Distillery Lights Up Night Sky