Top quality feed for all Australian dairy

Top quality feed for all Australian dairy | The Cultivator Autumn 2021

Top quality feed for all Australian dairy

For Ian Hindmarsh, only one thing comes more naturally than rugby league and that is running the family dairy.

A seventh-generation dairy farmer, Ian and his family own and operate their dairy ten kilometres out of the central west town of Cowra in New South Wales.

Purchased in 2002, Mr Hindmarsh’s picturesque property is home to 350 dairy cows, and milking takes place three times a day.

If you ask Mr Hindmarsh if he loves his job, he’ll say it’s hard but rewarding work.

“I grew up dairying on our family property in Robertson in the Southern Highlands and have always been passionate about the industry,” he said.

“It’s hard work, but when milk prices are good, and the conditions are working, it’s very rewarding stuff.”

Mr Hindmarsh’s herd are kept in conditions fit for cow royalty. Housed in a free stall barn full- time, the cattle are kept in temperate conditions with cooling fans, bedded areas, and stall dividers.

Fed on a ration of grass silage, wheat, canola mill and Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S Wheat Pellets for Dairy Cows, the dairy cows are producing above industry yields throughout the entire lactation with impressive higher milk yields.

“We love to mix in the DDG-S pellets with their daily ration as the cows love the highly palatable brown pellets,” Mr Hindmarsh said.

“We are looking to boost protein in their diet, so swapping to the Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S Wheat Pellet for Dairy Cows was a no brainer with 21 per cent crude protein.”

Mr Hindmarsh and his wife carry most of the load in operating the dairy, but the hard-working couple are flanked by five other employees when possible.

“It’s been really hard with COVID to keep enough people employed on the property,” he said.

“I guess that’s one of the major difficulties we’ve faced last year.

“We’ve really had to change the way we think about operating the property. Instead of investing in labour and a more hands-on approach, we adopted new technologies including a more automated system in line with what seemed to be the future of the business,” he explained.

With impressive, high quality milk yields, the Hindmarsh’s dairy is part of the Lion Dairy and Drinks Company whose milk is used in products including Dairy Farmers Full Cream Milk, and Dare Iced Coffee products and has recently been placed back in Australian hands.

“We are really thrilled that the Lion Dairy and Drinks Company has been bought by Bega Cheese, a 100 per cent Australian-owned business, as it really aligns with our values to support Australian-made and owned where possible.

“This is also why we love suppliers like Manildra Group,” Mr Hindmarsh said.

“It’s really important to us that we back Australian family-owned businesses especially when the service and quality is as high as Manildra Stockfeed,” he said.

Manildra Stockfeed Salesman Ron Arnold told The Cultivator “We love working with passionate farmers like the Hindmarsh’s who truly care about the industries in which they operate.

“A beautiful dairy, Ian’s decades long background in the dairy industry is definitely reflected in his ability to produce such a high-quality product,” Mr Arnold said.

With a range of stockfeed options to meet any needs, the Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S Wheat Pellet for Dairy Cows is formulated from Manildra’s unique dried distillers’ grain and syrups (DDG-S) with the addition of super-soluble wheat proteins and starches.

The trustworthy formula is extremely palatable and is an excellent source of both rumen degradable protein, balanced with starch, sugars, wheat, oil and other fermentable carbohydrates. The formula is an excellent tool for maximising milk components.

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