The Healthy Baker unleashes the Full Power of Protein

The Healthy Baker unleashes the Full Power of Protein | The Cultivator Spring 2021

The Healthy Baker unleashes the FULL POWER OF PROTEIN

Turns out protein is not just a fad. The consensus on Manildra Group’s The Healthy Baker pancake and muffin protein-enhanced mixes is in – which hit the shelves of select Woolworths’ supermarkets and Woolworths online in early 2021, catering to health-conscious consumers.

The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix with 15 grams of protein per serving and The Healthy Baker Protein Muffin Base Mix with 10 grams of protein per serve, are all made from 100 per cent Australian GMO-free wheat and contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

Manildra Group Director Caroline Honan said the product launch had been extremely successful. “We wanted to ensure that our pancake and muffin mixes transformed traditional indulgent foods we all crave, to fit our healthy and busy lifestyles,” she said.

“In addition to being a great source of protein, our wholesome and delicious mixes provide your body with the nourishment and nutrition you need, without the sacrifice.”

As part of the launch, much-loved Australian television personality Erin Molan joined our campaign as a social media brand ambassador, baking up a storm in the kitchen with her family.

“The uptake has been phenomenal and to have Erin on board as an ambassador is a tribute to the products’ success,” Ms Honan told The Cultivator.

“The café-style muffin mix acts as a ‘gap filler’ in a convenient format that is perfect to freeze – ideal for school lunch boxes or those who are simply looking for added nutrients in a ready-to-make, tasty format.

“With a huge trend in ‘snacking’, consumers are much more aware of the role that filling, nutritious and satisfying snacks can play in their lives, whilst also being easy to eat on-the-go.

The Healthy Baker Protein Muffin Base Mix was developed for grab-and-go convenience, making a delicious protein-boosting snack or breakfast by simply adding water, oil, eggs and your favourite fillings.

“With such a focus on health and wellbeing, we’ve also added prebiotic fibre for good gut health,” said Ms Honan.

Stocked in resealable bags for convenience, the product range has excellent Health Star Ratings (to inform consumers in packaged food purchases) of 3 for the muffin and 3.5 for the pancake protein mixes.

Ms Honan said that taste and flavour will always be important, but consumers wanted baked products and breakfast to do more than satisfy their hunger.

“Our balanced protein pancake mix is ideal for the whole family, so you can just add your favourite fillings to create good-for-you pancakes for breakfast, brunch or dessert.

“This high-protein nutritious mix helps build muscles, bones and bodies – appealing to everyone from fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers to parents adding extra protein to their children’s diets to foster growth,” said Ms Honan.

After witnessing the popularity of vital wheat gluten as a valuable protein source over the decades, it was a natural fit for The Healthy Baker to extend the retail flour range beyond pantry staples with protein-enhanced mixes.

“There’s a global appetite for high-quality vital wheat gluten, and since 1966, Manildra Group’s customers have used the ingredient as a protein source across a range of different products.

This includes breads, breakfast cereals, weight management bars, nutritional beverages, meat and egg powder replacement products as well as feeds for fish or pets,” Ms Honan said.

Manildra Group is the world’s leading producer of premium proteins and vital wheat gluten at our world-class Shoalhaven Starches site at Nowra, New South Wales.

As the world’s largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind, the site operates the most advance industry technology to produce vital wheat gluten, a high-protein fine powder extracted from premium Australian GMO-free wheat.