The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix Stacks Up

The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix Stacks Up

The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix Stacks Up

Big days begin with a hearty breakfast made with quality ingredients, so start your day right with The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix, a nutritious, wholesome, filling mix that serves up a stack of light, delicious and fluffy pancakes that pack a protein punch.

Manildra Group Director, Caroline Honan said that protein is fundamental in a balanced diet and The Healthy Baker’s Protein Pancake Mix fuels your body whilst keeping hunger at bay.

Celebrating almost two years on Australian supermarket shelves, The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix has revolutionised the premix aisle with traditional pancake mixes containing little to no protein in them.

“We understand the pressure of leading a busy life whilst also trying to maintain a healthy active lifestyle with our pancake mix boasting a whooping 15 grams of protein per serve.”

The mix has attracted a loyal following of Australians recognising how important protein is as part of a balanced healthy diet by promoting muscle growth, aiding in recovery, and energising our body.

“What sets protein-boosted products apart is the quality and source of protein. We expertly formulated this mix to feature Manildra Group’s highest-quality vital wheat gluten, which is also keto friendly, plant based, soy-free and packed with vital minerals.

“It’s the best protein to include in your diet, without worrying about overeating and makes you feel good by sustaining your body throughout the day.

“You can also super-charge your protein pancakes by adding an egg to your batter or topping your pancake stack with protein rich ingredients like peanut butter, Greek yogurt or nuts,” she said.

Our vital wheat gluten (protein) is made from premium 100 per cent Australian GMO-free wheat, produced at our world-class Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales.

“We are staying true to our brands mission by offering nourishing, great-tasting products that provide the hearty nutrients you need to seize the day in every way!” said Ms Honan.

Throughout 2022 the brand offered samples at major Australian fitness exhibitions and trade shows spruiking the message that whether you’re training for your first half-marathon, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or trying to curb those mid-morning hunger cravings, The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix has a place on everyone’s pantry shelf.