Sweet Switch by Bakers Delight

Sweet Switch by Bakers Delight | The Cultivator Spring 2019

For a naturally more wholesome sweetener with full flavour, the low-GI Sunshine Sugar used in Bakers Delight’s snacking range has also cut sugar levels in dough.

Retaining all its naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants, the raw cane sugar with a lower Glycemic Index (GI) delivers all the flavour expected in a Bakers Delight product with increased wholesomeness.

A household name, Australia’s most successful bakery franchise boasts stores in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand.

Since 1980, the focus of the family-owned business to make food an enjoyable experience for all – from the counter to consumption – has been backed by a firm commitment to quality of product and standard of service.

From the creation of the quintessentially Aussie Cheesymite Scroll, to the launch of the low-FODMAP bread for people with food intolerances, Bakers Delight continues to deliver on its promise to surprise and delight.

The authenticity of the Bakers Delight business extends beyond the customer to supporting provenance throughout the supply chain.

Sharing these commitments, the fellow Australian family-owned Manildra Group is proud to be the preferred supplier of locally grown and made ingredients – from flour and bakery mixes to canola oil and sugar – for Bakers Delight.

“As more consumers become conscious and educated about what they consume, Bakers Delight has been thrilled to be a market leader in the adoption of low-GI sugar,” said Bakers Delight Product Development Manager Luke Farrell.

“Sunshine Sugar’s low-GI Sugar is made using the nucane™ process, which was developed right in here in Australia.”

“One hundred per cent natural, low-GI sugar is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.”

Bakers Delight now uses Sunshine Sugar’s low-GI sugar in all snack products across Australia and New Zealand, so customers can enjoy even more of their favourite sweet treats such as finger buns, brioche, scrolls, fruit loaves, swirls, logs and teatimes.