Stockfeed Pellets Prove Worth the Weight

Stockfeed Pellets Prove Worth the Weight | The Cultivator Spring 2020

Stockfeed Pellets Prove Worth the Weight

With up to 1,400 Angus breeders and 6,000 sheep on over 4,400 hectares in the Murrumbidgee River flats of New South Wales, Bob Miller has managed Cooininee station for eight of the past 20 years that his family has owned and operated Coolac Cattle Company Pty Ltd.

Three full time employees are on the station including a stockman and overseer – and, in busy times, help from Mr Miller’s father – the farm is a labour of love.

“The drought has been a great crash course on feeding, we know a lot more now than when it begun,” Mr Miller told The Cultivator.

“It’s really highlighted the importance of a consistent feed that gives sustained weight gain results.”

As part of the Cooininee breeding program, steers are grown out to feeder steer weights of 450kg, while most heifers are kept for breeding. Other steers go to Rangers Valley and heifers to Killara Feedlots.

In recent years, all breeders, weaners and sheep have been fed Manildra Stockfeed Pasture Pellets and Mr Miller said “all have done well” in terms of animal health and weight gain.

“We’ve used the Pasture Pellets for over two years now and love that they are so easy to use, and show much less risk of acidosis,” said Mr Miller.

“Depending on size, matching hay, water, and mob size, our weaners are consistently gaining between 1.2kg and 1.5kg a day on the Pasture Pellet feed.”

The Pasture Pellets main purpose at present, is to assist the lighter end of the 2019 heifer drop to reach joining weights in September.

“The Pasture Pellet was formulated with beef operations like Coolac Cattle Company in mind,” said Manildra Group National Stockfeed Manager Tim Wirth.

This feed is well balanced to supplement most pastures and provides a nutritional lift to
all cattle.

Not only does the pellet offer protein and energy to meet the metabolic needs of growing heifers but it also supports their requirement for macro minerals, trace minerals and essential vitamins in a palatable, easily digestible format without risk of acidosis.

“The improved condition achieved by the Cooininee heifers is testament to the Miller’s good cattle management and correct feed decisions made pre-joining,” said Mr Wirth.

Mr Miller has also begun feeding his stable of polo ponies Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets – formulated by leading equine vets and nutritionists to target gut health and dietary requirements – with “fantastic results in preparation for tournaments.”

“As a reliable, consistent pellet that offers sustained weight gain, I would highly recommend the Manildra Stockfeed range to anyone.”

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