Stockfeed Demand Grows with Vietnam Appetite

Stockfeed Demand Grows with Vietnam Appetite

Stockfeed Demand Grows with Vietnam Appetite

Exporting to Vietnam for more than two decades, Manildra Stockfeed’s range of highly nutritious high-quality stockfeed is rising with the growing demand for dairy, pork, and poultry among the population of almost 100 million people.

Since Manildra Stockfeed’s pellet expansion in 2015, demand has soared for DDG-S (Dried Distillers Grain Syrup) in Vietnam which has strengthened connections with key government agencies, significant import companies, and major dairy, pork and poultry producers – including some of South East Asia’s largest leading feed mills.

Head of Manildra Stockfeed Tim Wirth said “enormous growth” in dairy, pork, and poultry production to satisfy the demand for nutritious foods sold to increasingly affluent and aware Vietnamese consumers, had given rise to a need for improved sources of protein and energy in performance-optimising stockfeed.

“As improvements to animal nutrition evolved, it was apparent that our wheat-based DDG-S could fill a vital gap in many of the rations fed to modern dairy cows and high-performance swine,” said Mr Wirth.

Pork is the number-one source of dietary protein in Vietnam and as Asia’s second-largest producer of pork, requiring quality and large-scale production at the forefront of the industry.

“Our Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S Wheat Pellets are high in protein, perfect for growing and finishing top-quality swine,” said Mr Wirth.

“The highly customised wheat pellets deliver the best mix of protein and energy and are extremely successful when integrated as part of a balanced diet.”

Amid the “booming” expansion in the pork and dairy industries, Mr Wirth said the challenge with exporting came down to the supply chain and ensuring partnerships with the right companies along the way.

“Boca Commodity facilitate the importation, warehousing and distribution of our premium stockfeed pellets throughout Vietnam, ensuring products are efficiently received, readily available and maintain their long shelf life,” Mr Wirth told The Cultivator.

He said one of Vietnam’s largest dairy producers, and a Manildra Stockfeed supporter, recently announced a further dairy herd expansion from 50,000 head up to 70,000 head.

“Like several other large dairy processors in Vietnam, business is developed around vertical integration from farm production to further processing and direct-to-market sales through their own retail networks,” said Mr Wirth.

“Strong government leadership for improved child nutrition has driven growth in Vietnam’s dairy sector, providing further opportunities for Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S Wheat Pellets to supplement feed for a rapidly growing industry.”

The Manildra Stockfeed range of supplementary feeds produced at our state-of-the-art pellet mill at the Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales, are performance-enhanced for a range of livestock including beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, lambs, goats, pigs and poultry.

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