Stay Safe in the Pandemic with Secure Supply of Sanitiser

Stay Safe in the Pandemic with Secure Supply of Sanitiser | The Cultivator Spring 2020

Stay Safe in the Pandemic with Secure Supply of Sanitiser

Amid the global uncertainty of a pandemic, a secure local supply of sanitiser sprays and gels has been helping Australians stay safe from the spread of COVID-19.

As demand for disinfectants surged nationwide, the Stay SafeTM sanitiser range was released in early 2020 by Australian family-owned agribusiness, Manildra Group.

The full range of surface, hand, spray and gel sanitisers – created to meet the diverse needs of people at work, at home and on-the-go – has become even more accessible for Australian businesses and households with the launch of a website for quick and direct access to securing sanitisers for employees and customers.

“The website is great for purchasing smaller amounts of everyday products, while our bulk options can be ordered through our fantastic customer service team,” said Manildra Group Director Caroline Honan.

The high-quality Stay SafeTM sanitisers and disinfectants build on Manildra Group’s decades of industry experience as Australia’s leading producer of the key base ingredient for the protectants – ethanol (or ethyl-alcohol) proudly made at our plant in Nowra, New South Wales.

“Our Stay SafeTM protectants have been formulated to kill germs fast at a 70 per cent minimum alcohol content, sustainably made from Australian plant-derived ethanol,” said Ms Honan.

“We are able to provide a secure and sustainable supply of Stay SafeTM sanitisers, sprays, gels, and disinfectants all locally made in New South Wales.”

Manildra Group Director Caroline Honan said the pandemic had emphasised the need for Australian-made ingredients such as ethanol for hand sanitisers as a key part of the plan to protect individual and public health.

“As Australia’s leading ethanol producer, our Stay SafeTM range of protectant sprays and gels are made from 100 per cent Australian sustainable ethanol,” said Ms Honan.

Find out which Stay SafeTM products are best for your business and order online at

The Stay SafeTM range includes:

  • 175g Disinfectant Aerosol Spray
  • 300g Disinfectant Aerosol Spray
  • 50mL Flip Top Gel Hand Sanitiser
  • 500mL Pump Top Gel Hand Sanitiser – 1L Pump Top Gel Hand Sanitiser
  • Automatic Touch-Free Sanitiser Zone – 5L Bulk Re-Fill Drums
  • 10L Bulk Re-Fill Drums
  • 20L Bulk Re-Fill Drums
  • Pressurised Mobile Surface Sanitiser

Safety First on the Frontline to help fight health risk

From city streets to classrooms and throughout remote Indigenous communities, essential and support services staff and volunteers have been using donations of Stay SafeTM sanitisers and disinfectants to protect community health as part of the global response to contain the pandemic.


“Without Manildra Group’s help, there was serious concern about our ability to maintain patient and staff safety while continuing our work of delivering critical medical services in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities,” said Rural and Remote Medical Services (RaRMS) CEO Mark Burdack of the sanitiser donation in general practices and other essential services throughout regional New South Wales.


“It’s been a mammoth effort by everyone involved to deliver the sanitiser, free-of-charge, to communities in the far reaches of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia,” said Generation One CEO Shelley Cable of the $500,000 partnership between Minderoo Foundation and Manildra Group to deliver 20,000 litres of Stay SafeTM sanitiser to Indigenous communities, aged care facilities and women’s shelters.


With the ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria mid-year, Manildra Group moved quickly to send supplies of Stay SafeTM hand sanitiser to the Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA) Youth Connect, a not-for-profit organisation supporting public housing tenants in lockdown in Flemington and North Melbourne with critical food, medical and community services to these residents.


With the return of students to classrooms, Manildra Group partners Sunshine Sugar set about donating boxes of Stay SafeTM sanitiser gels and aerosols for the health and hygiene of staff and students at more than 40 schools throughout the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.