Spirit of Sustainability from Grain to Glass

Spirit of Sustainability from Grain to Glass

Spirit of Sustainability from Grain to Glass

Crafting premium Australian grain neutral spirits with an environmental legacy front-of-mind, Manildra Group has been acknowledged for sustainability at the Global Supplier Awards for international alcohol distributor Diageo.

After topping Diageo’s Asia-Pacific regional awards field in 2022, Manildra Group Head of Ethanol Debbie Forster said the annual Global Grain-to-Glass award reflected an unwavering commitment to the purest grain neutral spirits at the heart of our zero-waste manufacturing processes.

“Our success depends on the people and planet around us – so we’re absolutely committed to making our supply chain more sustainable while having positive environmental and social impacts,” said Ms Forster of the closed-loop processes that underpin our world-class distillery at Nowra, on the New South Wales south coast.

Ms Forster said it was an honour for Manildra Group’s efforts to be globally recognised by Diageo, through our supply of consistently pure grain neutral spirits as the base for top-shelf and ready-to-drink blends.

“Our teams work round-the-clock to produce the highest quality products for our customers, and sustainability is intrinsic to how we do that,” she said.

“We’re more connected than ever before to our people, environment, communities, and stakeholders.

“Our commitment to sustainable development in manufacturing extends from reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent to achieving optimal environmental excellence in the supply chain.”

Manildra Group was named the annual Spirit of Progress winner among regional and international contributors at Diageo’s Asia Pacific awards, for pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability, before being bestowed top honours in Diageo’s global awards to 11 partners across 10 key categories.

The new Spirit of Progress Grain to Glass sustainability award further recognised the “resilience and dedication of Diageo’s partners to our business – driving value through outstanding quality, innovation and service – alongside incredible collaboration and leadership”, said Diageo Chief Procurement Officer Janelle Orozco.

Ms Orozco said supply partners such as Manildra Group were fundamental to consistent quality for increasingly discerning consumers.

“These relationships remain critical as we continue to deliver our Society 2030: Spirit of Progress Plan,” she said of Diageo’s three-pronged strategy for pioneering grain-to-glass sustainability, championing inclusion and diversity, and promoting discerned consumption.

Ms Forster said Manildra Group’s continuous reinvestment and world-class innovation exemplified Diageo’s Spirit of Progress strategy of “using natural resources efficiently across the whole value chain to foster sustainable industries and communities – from the farmers who grow our ingredients to our employees and consumers”.

Manildra Group, like Diageo, works to positively impact the communities in which we operate and protect the natural resources on which we all depend – to make sure we’re doing business the right way, from grain-to-glass,” she said.

“For our business to be sustainable, it needs to create enduring value and we are humbled to be recognised by Diageo for setting the industry benchmark in pioneering sustainable practices to protect the environment.”

In Australia, the world’s highest-selling vodka and gin and Diageo’s ready-to-drink range of alcoholic beverages, are made with Manildra Group’s premium grain neutral spirits sustainably produced from 100 per cent GMO-free Australian wheat.

Ms Forster acknowledged all the farming families, employees, suppliers, partners, customers, and rural communities whose everyday work helped to make grain neutral spirit production more sustainable.

Manildra Group has also been recognised as global pioneers in sustainable ethanol production with international Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterial certification maintained through environmental, social, and economic principles and criteria.