Recipe for Success in Tribe Performance Horses

Recipe for Success in Tribe Performance Horses | The Cultivator Spring 2020

Recipe for Success in Tribe Performance Horses

Working with horses for more than three generations, the highly-decorated Tribe family have seen it all.

With a long list of championships and titles both nationally and internationally between them, Casey and Shona Tribe and daughters Jade and Bianca train, breed, and ride horses at their Tribe Equine property in Tamworth, New South Wales.

The family are now considered by their peers as experts in the field, a far cry from the simple hobby thirty years ago.

Mr Tribe is now a full-time equine dentist and kinesiologist, treating horses from all disciplines including polo horses, thoroughbreds, campdrafters, cutters, jumping horses, pacers, and hacks.

“We are committed to treating the cause of the injury, not just the symptoms,” he told The Cultivator.

Using one arm as a ‘conductor’, Mr Tribe performs muscle testing to check different joints along the horse. If a problem is diagnosed in the stomach meridians, the first point of call is to look at diet, and adjusting feed to optimise equine gut health.

“The horse is pretty incredibly made – the weakest part being his stomach, that’s why you’ve got to really focus on feeding the right feed to cool the stomach, as there can be too much heat,” said Mr Tribe.

Among early adopters to trial Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets, the Tribe family’s success with one mare led them to quickly begin all their horses on the premium formulation.

“She looked magnificent and she didn’t take a lot of riding down,” said Mr Tribe of the trial mare’s “fantastic” performance output, with “energy and agility to complete big days of roping.”

Mr Tribe said his horses have never look so good for the middle of winter, praising the richness of the horses coats and stamina to go all day.

A significant benefit of Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets was that “it does not make the horses hot nor take the edge off the doughy horses,” added Mr Tribe.

In contrast to so many feeds on the market high in starch, the high-protein Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellet is perfect for active and working horses.

And with 20 per cent protein, the Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets provide excellent value for money.

“These pellets are by far the best quality feed you can provide your horses and the output you are getting is just amazing,” recommended Mr Tribe.

Manildra Group National Stockfeed Manager Tim Wirth said the equine performance feed had been formulated to support high-performing working horses towards champion status, “guaranteeing endurance, speed and rapid recovery.”

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