Protein Pancake Stack Up for All Day Energy

Protein Pancake Stack Up for All Day Energy

Protein Pancake Stack Up for All Day Energy

Powering up on protein-packed pancakes delivers a nutrient-dense kick-start for all-day nourishment with long-term benefits.

Packing 15 grams of muscle-building protein per serve – and pan-ready with just water – The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix is perfect first-up, when bodies most need a stack of protein- fuelled energy to go the distance of the day.

“There is no question that what you eat after you roll out of bed plays a role in how well you feel the rest of the day, to support lasting health, wellbeing and performance,” Manildra Group Director Caroline Honan told The Cultivator.

“The all-Australian hero of the breakfast table, our protein-packed pancakes enhance muscle building and safeguard bodies from running on empty,” she said of the plant-based, keto-friendly and soy-free mix milled from premium Australian wheat.

As a delicious and versatile dietary staple to support fitness goals, achieve protein requirements and keep hunger at bay, “The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix stacks up to the motto of breakfast as
the most important meal of the day”, said Ms Honan.

“To jump-start the day with our fluffy golden pancakes – a cinch to make in minutes – our just-add-water mix delivers reliable stacks to rival any at your favourite brunch spots.”

Accredited Practising Dietician Joanna Baker said the protein-packed pancakes kept you fuller for longer – thanks to hunger-curbing Australian vital wheat gluten for longer-lasting energy with extra staying power.

Stabilising blood sugar and insulin levels for sustained energy focus throughout the day, a minimum 15 grams of protein (or about two boiled eggs’ worth) per meal is recommended by dieticians to begin with.

Transforming the first meal of your day into one filled with protein, helps you break through potential brain fog typically brought on by low blood-sugar,” said Ms Baker.

With the modern-day obesity public health crisis emphasising highly processed ‘fast food’ diets that are low in protein, the spotlight has focussed on the macronutrient’s role in boosting metabolism to reduce fat, and feel ‘full’ for longer.

Studies have shown that the longer-lasting feeling of being full – from the body using more kilojoules to metabolise protein – can prevent compulsive snacking on less-healthy alternatives at hand when hunger bites too soon after eating.

And while a highprotein meal with carbohydrates for day-long energy and focus could further benefit longevity and general health, research has also indicated a metabolism-boosting protein intake at breakfast may serve better than at lunch or dinner, for maintaining muscle mass with ageing.

Precisely measured to mix consistently reliable, nutritious and delicious stacks served straight from the pan or saved for later, The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix’s resealable, recyclable pouch is highly versatile and ideal for portioning.

Free of artificial colours and preservatives, the protein-enriched mix has been expertly crafted in Manildra Group’s innovative test kitchen with meticulous taste-testing – “a tough job but we were up for the challenge”, Ms Honan added.

“The result,” she said, “is a toast-quick treat for more than your taste buds – whether packing the protein into easy peanut butter banana bites, indulging in a typical maple syrup-drenched glory, or prepping a freezer-ready batch of coconut chocolate-chip pancakes for a freshly-made stack.”