Powering Performance Horses

Powering Performance Horses

Powering Performance Horses

Rehabilitating and retraining retired Thoroughbreds to continue a legacy of elite horse training for champions both on and off the track, Canberra based Anembo Performance Horses provides for a disciplinary “tree-change” once racing careers conclude.

From “highly strung and hot” to champion of the show-jumping arena, Anembo Monarch – or Bonnie as she is known at home – has really hit her stride since retiring from the racetrack in 2019.

Anembo Performance Horses founder Vicki Cowdroy and daughter Maddison – guided by her grandfather Mervyn Bennett, a dual Australian Equestrian Olympic bronze medallist – are dedicated to retraining competitive Thoroughbreds, making the most of their combined 50 years of industry experience.

“It’s our passion that horses have the skills to take them through a life beyond racing,” Mrs Cowdroy said of Anembo Performance Horses’ range of off-track Thoroughbreds currently gaining a new lease on life.

“We really enjoy the challenge of nutting out what each horse needs.”

Off-track Thoroughbreds typically retire due to declining on-track performance, injury, or lack of talent or interest in the sport and will then go through rehabilitation, retraining and adoption in a transition to sport, or pleasure pursuits, or as companion and therapy animals.

In fewer than three years with Maddison at the reins, Bonnie went from being too fiery to race onto making her mark in the competitive show-jumping arena, in front of large crowds at the 2022 and 2023 Sydney Royal Easter Shows.

Mrs Cowdroy said the key to retraining a horse was listening to it – and a high-performance diet, naturally.

“Two horses might present with exactly the same issues, but they’ll need to be dealt with in completely different ways,” she told The Cultivator.

“The wrong feed mix can lead to behavioural issues and performance problems, which set back training and rehabilitation.

“You have to manage their minds and you need to make sure they have the right blend of vitamins and minerals to perform at their best – which is why we rely on Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets.

“It’s amazing how our horses all respond to the pellets and remain looking healthy and glossy year-round.”

Fortified with essential nutrients and formulated to support the rehabilitation of off-track Thoroughbreds, Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets are designed to assist injury recovery, weight gain and muscle recovery, joint health and mobility, gastrointestinal health and physical appearance.

Manildra Equine Sales Specialist Amanda Saxton said highly-trainable off-track Thoroughbreds were often sought for peak equestrian disciplines, having demonstrated elite performance characteristics of athleticism, speed and agility – indicating their ongoing ability to excel in eventing, show-jumping, dressage and pleasure-riding.

“Supplementary feeding is a crucial component of the rehabilitation and retraining journey,” said Ms Saxton.

“Our nutrient-rich, high-protein and extremely palatable pellets are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids to prevent muscle breakdown and achieve peak overall health, muscle condition and appearance.”

For more information about Manildra Equine, contact stockfeed@manildra.com.au or phone 02 4423 8300.