Performance feed a win for endurance and stamina

Performance feed a win for endurance and stamina | The Cultivator Autumn 2021

Performance feed a win for endurance and stamina

It may be the sport of kings but it’s the clerk of the course who reigns on the track, wearing traditional dress and on their grey horses as customary in centuries-ago English hunting.

Whether escorting runners and riders to the starting barrier or attending to any other issue, a clerk and horse can travel 15-20 kilometres on any given day, the Australian Turf Club Head Clerk of the Course, Owen Buik, told The Cultivator.

Mr Buik said both clerk and horse needed endurance and stamina to fulfil the demanding role during race days and barrier trials.

Having recently commenced trialling Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets on two very nervous horses, Mr Buik and assistant Guy Tribe reported dramatic results.

“Within three weeks, both grey horses had settled, became less stressed, maintained focus and held energy levels for the duration of their working day,” said Mr Tribe.

“Having found a feed that delivered on its promise” gave the pair confidence to implement a feed program for all 17 grey horses “with tremendous success,” he said.

Mr Buik said his horses’ energy and protein requirements varied depending on genetics, breed, age, weight and work rate – he feeds a retired thoroughbred “who is an extremely fussy eater” three kilograms of Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets and a half-bale of quality hay but half that amount to maintain condition of a heavier- boned horse.

In fact, ration preparation is a breeze saving time and money. “No longer are we mixing multiple portions of pellets, oilseeds, meals and grains,” he said.

Manildra Group Head of Stockfeed Tim Wirth said the Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellet had been formulated to balance protein and energy needs for horses involved in activities demanding focus, speed and endurance.

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