Pellets Power Producers on all Fronts

Pellets Power Producers on all Fronts

When it comes to livestock production, producers know the value of quality stockfeed, and Manildra Stockfeed’s comprehensive high-performance range of DDG-S (Dried Distillers Grain Syrup) wheat pellets is delivering on quality, growth, wellbeing, health and palatability.

Formulated and recommended by leading animal nutritionists, the highly sought-after pellets have been formulated specifically for livestock with high-quality trace elements, minerals and vitamins to enhance health.

Head of Manildra Stockfeed, Tim Wirth, said the pellets were an industry benchmark.

“Manildra Stockfeed is superior to other supplementary feeds on the market, as each pellet mix is customised to meet the nutritional, well-being and health needs of the animal – from dairy cows, beef cattle, calves, lambs and sheep, goats to horses,” Mr Wirth told The Cultivator.

“The highly-customised DDG-S wheat pellet range delivers the best mix of protein and energy and is extremely successful when integrated as part of a balanced diet.”

Constructed in 2016 at Manildra Group’s world-class Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales, today the plant produces DDG-S wheat pellets bound for local farmers and feedlots and is exported to South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

“It’s a trustworthy formula that is extremely palatable for all livestock. It delivers an excellent source of both rumen degradable protein balances with starch, sugars, fat and other fermentable carbohydrates,” Mr Wirth said.

“We love working with such passionate farmers, who truly care about their animal’s health, wellbeing and nutrition, and we know the priority and value of quality when it comes to feeding.

“Our expert stockfeed team is on-the-ground working with producers and tailoring advice specific to their enterprises, ensuring that our high-performance pellets continue to exceed expectations from weight gain, increased yields to enhanced growth and wellbeing,” said Mr Wirth.

Manildra Stockfeed’s results are consistent across the country, with producers attesting to the benefits of DDG-S wheat pellets as a superior feed solution.

“The premium brown pellets are extremely palatable, with animals responding well to the unique blend, perfect for fussy eaters,” said Mr Wirth.

“The flavour and smell promote quick feed acceptance, with close to zero ration rejection and once the pellets kick in, this is when the rumen bacteria flourish.

“As the driving force behind good animal nutrition, a healthy rumen is the key to growth, weight gain and reproduction.

“It’s really a no-brainer for producers as the product is easy to transport, store and distribute with the feed flowing better from lick feeders, dairy feeders to self-feeding,” he said.

Manildra Stockfeed’s unique processing methods result in very high levels of rumen bypass protein (RUP) while maintaining high levels of amino acid availability.

Mr Wirth said, “This guarantees exceptional results due to the uniquely balanced source of proteins and who are boosting production through supplementary feeding.”

In 2019, Manildra Stockfeed launched Manildra Equine with a dedicated Performance Horse Pellet expertly crafted by equine vet and nutritionists to guarantee health and competitive advantage, produced in regional New South Wales.

“Extremely palatable, our premium pellets have been formulated to balance the protein and energy needs for horses, and are ideal for muscle-building, boosting immunity, and improving hoof condition,” Mr Wirth concluded.

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