Open-Air Gallery for Township of Manildra

Open-Air Gallery for Township of Manildra

Open-Air Gallery for Township of Manildra

Striking contemporary murals featuring local native flora and fauna by internationally acclaimed Melbourne artist Jimmy Dvate have transformed Manildra Flour Mill into an open-air gallery, in the quaint rural township of Manildra, New South Wales.

Surrounded by fields of golden wheat and yellow canola in central west New South Wales stands Australia’s largest flour mill – the heart of Manildra Group, an Australian family-owned business since 1952.

Manildra Flour Mill Manager John Gorringe said the stunning vibrant artwork celebrated the heart and soul of the community of Manildra.

“It’s transformed the town. Walking down Kiewa Street is like a visit to an outdoor gallery with the beautiful works celebrating and conserving native local flora and fauna,” he said.

A visual point of community pride, Jimmy spent more than three weeks painting the large-scale murals on the Manildra Flour Mill wall, featuring breathtaking blooming wildflowers, Eucalyptus trees and unique native Australian animals including a platypus, wombat, echidna, and white cockatoo.

“The iconic bridge is currently being replaced so this is a way of immortalising it. I was able to truly capture the personalities of these beautiful creatures with platypus playing in the Mandagery Creek while I painted – a truly special experience,” he said.

Jimmy said he loves that art is so accessible to everyone, not locked away in a gallery or private collection, becoming part of the visual landscape of communities.

Synonymous with the street art scenes internationally his larger than life murals share a genuine commitment to conservation with stories of beloved flora and fauna from Squirrel Gliders to Black Cockatoos, Blue-Tongued Lizards and Barking Owls.

His journey to Manildra began when approached by former Manildra Flour Mill employee and Manildra local Sue Reynolds, wishing to capture the beauty of the town and its natural surrounds.

“Jimmy’s work brilliantly conveys not only a love for his craft, but a genuine passion for creatures,” Ms Reynolds said adding that the murals were based on photographs captured by locals.

The second mural is a vibrant sea of red and green featuring Australian King Parrots accompanied by a banksia flower and seed pod, taking more than a week to create on a water tank near the Mandagery Creek Bridge.

“While I painted the pebbled surface of the tank – beautiful King Parrots rested in giant native Redgums above, with banksia surrounding the creek bed. By immersing myself, I can connect my audience to the natural surrounds and environment.

“Over the past decade my work has been dedicated to raising awareness and bringing attention to native flora and fauna, with a focus on conserving and protecting vulnerable and threatened species,” he said.

Jimmy hopes that his large-scale murals delight locals and attract visitors from far and wide to the beautiful central west township of Manildra while highlighting conservation efforts and the beauty of the local environment.