Mary Marks 20 years with MSM

Mary Marks 20 years with MSM | The Cultivator Autumn 2017

Mary Marks 20 years with MSM

The team at The Cultivator joins in celebrating MSM Milling Office Manager Mary Mac Smith’s 20 years of service with the company!

Mary has played an instrumental role in the development and growth of MSM Milling – from the early days on the family farm through to the establishment of the business at Manildra, NSW, and another decade beyond that.

“The sheer increase in employee numbers has been the biggest change,” Mary told The Cultivator.

“I remember on the 16th of May 2007, when we moved from the family farm to Manildra, it was just (brothers) Bob and Pete (Mac Smith) and Anthony Ward in the office.

“I had to turf them out so I had somewhere to set up because it was pay-day.”

Mary said she was most grateful for the special relationships she had developed with MSM Milling colleagues and customers over the years.

“I like the people I work with and the connection with our customers,” she said.

“We’ve worked with a lot of businesses from the start and, in some cases, we have grown together. I also like working with the smaller local suppliers, who have grown too.”

Congratulations, Mary, on this well-earned achievement – we’re all looking forward to the next 20 years!