Manildra USA Walk-through

Manildra USA Walk-through

Manildra USA Walk-through

An internationally renowned market leader, Manildra USA sets the benchmark for distribution and production of the highest-quality vital wheat glutens, specialty proteins, organic ingredients, and native and modified starches.

Established in 1974, Manildra USA is headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, alongside the world-class gluten and starch manufacturing site in Hamburg, Iowa, Unites States.

Neal Bassi: Leading the US team is Neal Bassi, our Manildra USA President, who is known for his quick intellect and ability to “think outside the square” to ensure challenges are sorted out immediately. With a remarkable background in gluten and starch, his roles have included product development, production, and sales. Manildra Group Australia and Manildra USA rely on his exceptional leadership.

Kathy Weyforth: With a project management background in commercial and residential design, Executive Assistant Kathy Weyforth is not one to shy away from a challenge. Being a “jack of all trades” Kathy supports a diverse range of departments and teams from the United States and Australia, and keeps her finger on the pulse with tasks like organising travel, hospitality and office functions.

Emily Jackson and Andrew Schoonover: Branded “the dynamic duo”, Manildra USA Technical Service Manager, Emily Jackson, and Product Quality Manager, Andrew Schoonover, are the masterminds that ensure new product development exceed world-class standards for our customers. From noodles, breads to pastries, their exceptional bakery science industry experience means they are at the forefront of market trends. and industry innovations.

Calvin “Hughie” Hayes: Hamburg Plant Manager, Hughie Hayes, has been a valued member of the Manildra USA team since 1989, and has worked across many facets of the business. Being responsible for plant production, sanitisation and daily quality control, he’s also fundamental in training new team members in manufacturing operations. Hughie is our “go to” for all customer inquiries.

Margie Carpenter: With more than two decades in the milling industry, Manildra USA Customer Service Manager, Margie Carpenter leads the Kansas customer service team. Margie’s kind nature and expert knowledge is crucial, ensuring customers’ quality, distribution and customer service expectations are met.

David Stutz: Director of US Operations, David Stutz, holds more than a decade of logistics and warehousing experience while also overseeing customer service operations. His role is challenging and complex, requiring laser sharp precision and an eye for detail, in order to manage the thousands of food and industrial products from Port Botany, Australia to criss-crossing all over North and Central America.

Tim Tuzik: Growing up in a family bakery, Manildra USA Vice President of Sales and Business Development Tim Tuzik has always had flour milling in his blood. As a third-generation baker, his enthusiasm has cemented a lustrous career at Manildra USA. Since 2014, Tim has cultivated new customers, resolved complex customer issues, and promoted phenomenal product development and innovation through our core product range.

Michael Wright: Hamburg Office Plant Controller, Michael Wright, is a “champion team leader”, known for being approachable, with a calm demeanour. Michael is supported by his four dedicated and experienced employees. Together they are key in managing all accounting functions, IT, daily production reporting, customer service and raw material purchasing.

Anisa Bassi: Manildra USA National Account Manager, Anisa Bassi, specialises in new business development, and juggles new and current customer accounts with professionalism, attentiveness, and accuracy. Anisa is driven by ground-breaking business development growth opportunities, and has a particular fondness of value-adding to our core ingredients.

Julie O’Barsky: Renowned for her “highly responsive” nature, Customer Service Associate, Julie O’Barsky is a well-known face having started at Manildra USA in 1996. Together with her customer service team members, she makes sure that customer orders are fulfilled and delivered in a professional and timely manner.

Keval Bassi: Senior Vice President of Sales, Keval Bassi, is integral in the performance and management of sales with our key strategic United States accounts. With more than three decades in the wheat, starch and gluten industry, his knowledge of proteins, fibres and starches is second-to-none. Keval constantly strives for innovation and excellence; fundamental in researching, developing, promoting, and selling new products.

Brook Carson: Manildra USA Vice President of Research and Development, Brook Carson, is a true problem solver who specialises in food science, beverage, bakery, marketing, and product innovation. Analytically brilliant, she has the rare privilege of being able to translate and communicate highly complex information to customers and employees. Motivated by excellence and innovation in the creation of healthy, wholesome, and modern foods.