Manildra Packing 'Outside the Box' in Packing Innovation

Manildra Packing ‘Outside the Box’ in Packing Innovation

Manildra Packing ‘Outside the Box’ in Packing Innovation

It is another busy day for Manildra Packing with the hum of the conveyor belt somewhat hypnotic as drums of beautiful auzure; clean pressed premium canola oil moves along the packing lines.

MSM Milling’s expeller-pressed premium canola oil, auzure Canola Oil is 100 per cent Australian- grown and made by the hands of hundreds of New South Wales farmers. They plant, nurture and harvest pure Non-GM canola seeds that are then carefully pressed, to extract every drop of canola oil.

With this level of care taken into growing and expelling the liquid gold, it’s no wonder that packaging also attracts a similar level of attention. Half of all the canola oil produced by MSM Milling is packaged in small formats and distributed to all states and territories as well as many countries in Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East.

“Chances are, that if you have eaten at a quick service restaurant, or bread from a retail bakery chain, you have consumed our Australian Non-GM, canola oil packaged at Manildra Packing,” said MSM Milling General Manager – Commercial Josh Gordon.

Manildra Packing is co-located at MSM Milling’s world-class fully integrated oilseed crushing, refining, and packaging operation in the heart of central west New South Wales, producing tailor made drums, bottles, and bags.

Drums are made onsite, from steel cut to size, formed and welded to ensure domestic and international customers receive the highest quality oil in the best condition.

Manildra Packing fills PET bottles, a type of clear, strong, lightweight and 100 per cent recyclable plastic as well as the ‘bag in box’, widely recognised as a handy packaging for wine, but has since evolved to become perfect option for storing a wide range of liquids.

MSM Milling deploys bulk tankers of high-quality canola oil every day, 365 days of the year and while demand for oil in 20 litre drums remains high, the 15 litre Bag in Box is soaring as it is easier to recycle and transport, compared to a traditional drum.

“The move into small format packaging has provided MSM Milling with a more diverse customer base.

“The past year has seen demand for packaged oil higher than ever and Manildra Packing has undergone significant adjustment to keep up with this demand,” said Mr Gordon.

New machinery and realigned processes have complimented the existing operation and the newly assembled, ten-strong production team, under the guidance of Manildra Packing Supervisor Jerome Luke, has seen new production records set.

“The facility can make, fill and stack onto pallets 550 drums per hour. Bag in Box can be filled at 400 per hour and PET bottles at 900 per hour. These levels have not previously been achieved however strong demand this year has seen these records set,” Mr Luke said.

CEO of MSM Milling, Tim Churcher, said the outlook for Manildra Packaging looked very promising.

“Our ability to add value through packed goods is an important part of our business. Increased demand from the food services sector has seen the Manildra Packing team rise to the challenge and increase production, whilst maintaining safety and quality performance.”

“The year ahead is looking even stronger, and I look forward to continuing to meet our customers’ expectations for our high-quality Non-GM expeller-pressed canola oil,” Mr Churcher said.

Manildra Packing’s practical product offerings provide significant opportunities for MSM Milling to deliver its high quality, Australian-made canola oil, in its’ most accessible format yet.