Manildra goes digital with 'Growers Connect' App

Manildra Goes Digital with ‘Growers Connect’ App

Manildra Goes Digital with ‘Growers Connect’ App

Thanks to a new smart phone app, Manildra Growers Connect is providing Australian wheat farmers with real-time valuable information and critical harvest updates – all at their fingertips.

The innovation, known as “Growers Connect” delivers farmers with in-app notifications featuring the latest harvest insights, helping them to make better-informed seasonal management choices on farm.

Manildra Group Head Grain Buyer, Peter Sloan, said it was important Manildra Group remained at the forefront of industry technology advancement, with farmers increasingly accessing information on mobile devices.

“Since 1952, we have been dedicated to building long term partnerships with local farmers.

“The app improves efficiencies, customer service, transparency and logistics allowing farmers to make better informed seasonal management decisions for selling, transporting and storing their wheat,” he said.

Designed to boost convenience, the app delivers up-to-the-minute access to live cash prices, payment information and recipient created tax invoices.

The cutting-edge technology was developed in response to feedback from farmers eager for a quick, easy-to-use, mobile solution which meant less time in the office and more time on the farm.

Mr Sloan said that the app makes it easier and faster to access data by simplifying processes and reducing the multiple handling of information.

The app features operational hours and contact information across Manildra Group’s six high-capacity grain storage sites in New South Wales at Moree, Manildra, Grong Grong, Bogan Gate, Bellata, and Stockinbingal.

Enhancing the overall grain process for farmers, it includes wheat receival confirmation, delivery tracking features and more.

Enrolled Manildra Group wheat farmers are able to seamlessly connect to their existing accounts, facilitating customisation and personalisation of features, with a secure and simple mobile interface.

For more information contact Manildra Group’s Grower Service Centre at or call 02 6742 2344 from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.