Manildra Equine Pellets for the Win

Manildra Equine Pellets for the Win | The Cultivator Spring 2021


Riding horses has always been part of high performance dressage rider Alycia Targa’s life for as long as she can remember.

“Growing up, we moved around a lot for dad’s job, but my mum always had her Australian Stock Horse Keyna with us,” said Ms Targa.

“I started getting into dressage when I was a teenager and became very interested in the sport when I leased an off-track thoroughbred by chance. His race name was Effective Rule, but his paddock name was Beau.

“He was not bred for dressage at all but to my good fortune he performed better than my dressage horse, so I decided to roll with it,” Ms Targa told The Cultivator.

By the age of 16, Ms Targa had three horses, an off-track thoroughbred she was doing Dressage on, a Warmblood doing Eventing and a stock horse doing everything in between.

When it finally became time to pick a discipline, Ms Targa settled with Dressage and for many years now, has trained to be the “best of the best” in her field, ultimately becoming a world ranked International Federation of Equestrian Sports (FEI) dressage rider.

Founding Millbank Equestrian in 2016, in Nowra, New South Wales, Ms Targa trains, competes, and offers coaching and consultations to a range of equine disciplines.

Having ridden internationally at the Young Rider World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany, and in the Tri National Cup at the New Zealand Horse of the Year Show, Ms Targa understands what’s required to perform at the elite level.

Ms Targa trained her previous High Performance Squad mount, CP Dresden from a young Novice horse right through to the highest levels of Grand Prix Dressage where they were awarded the Australian National Grand Prix Champions and received various other accolades before their partnership ended in 2020.

Dressage is often referred to as the highest expression of equestrian sport, as it involves performing a series of predetermined movements, perfectly mastered by both horse and rider.

Performed from amateur levels, through to Olympic competitions, dressage can take years to master and the bond between rider and horse is truly unique.

“To be competitive at the highest levels, I need to ensure my horses are focused on the job, with optimum levels of energy to perform the required movements, whilst also ensuring maximum health and wellbeing enabling them to perform at their best. This is why I feed all of my horses exclusively on Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets.

“We love using these pellets as I can feed all of my horses the same stockfeed and adjust their specific supplements according to their needs. This saves so much time and I can trust the expert formulation for their health and wellbeing,” she said.

“The results we’ve seen on these pellets has exceeded our expectations. The quality and output received is incredible,” noted Ms Targa.

Manildra Equine Performance Horse Pellets are fortified with essential nutrients, designed to enhance horse performance, hoof health, physical appearance and overall health.

“It’s amazing to have Alycia on board as an ambassador of Manildra Equine, and watching her train and compete with her horses is fantastic as we can see the real benefits of our complete pellets,” said Manildra Equine Sales Specialist Amanda Saxton.

“Horses competing in dressage require a balanced mixture of muscle strength, concentration, grace, power, and obedience. Manildra Equine’s Performance Horse Pellets maintain these fine balance of attributes,” said Ms Saxton.

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