Low GI Sugar Stuns at the UN Food Systems Summit

Low GI Sugar Stuns at the UN Food Systems Summit

Low GI Sugar Stuns at the UN Food Systems Summit

Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar is becoming a household staple in more and more Australian pantries thanks to a combination of award-winning technology and support from a growing number of supermarkets.

Made using Nutrition Innovations’ NucaneTM process, an Australian innovation, Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar is a wholesome sugar that retains naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants and is produced at Manildra Harwood Sugars’ Condong sugar mill in the northern New South Wales Tweed Valley.

Being low in GI (Glycaemic Index) means that it is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

In 2021, the United Nations (UN) Food Systems Summit competition “Best Small Business: Good Food for All” named Nutrition Innovation as one of the “50 best small and medium-sized enterprises” from across the world; transforming food systems for a better tomorrow. The competition was designed to uncover the innovators who are leading in more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food systems.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be nominated as global leaders by the UN Food Systems Summit,” said Founder and Chairman of Nutrition Innovation, Dr David Kannar.

“It’s a testimony to not only our innovations, but to all our great partners, such as Chris Connors and the team at Sunshine Sugar. Our objectives have always been to create innovations, like NucaneTM, to solve global health and nutrition challenges, urgently changing millions of lives and helping the world meet and beat the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

“We believe collaboration and partnerships are essential to maximising reach around the world, by gaining access to all communities and unleashing affordable nutrition for all.

“The UN Food Systems Summit shines a powerful global spotlight on innovation so that key stakeholders are compelled to join in and become part of the solution. We are proud to be recognised by the UN Food Systems Summit, but this is just one step towards a sustainable, healthier, more balanced and diverse future for all,” he said.

The UN Food Systems Summit awards celebrates small businesses around the world by inviting them to share how they help provide healthy food that is good for the environment, and good for their communities by creating jobs locally.

Listening to the diverse voices of small businesses is a key component of the Summit’s process to identify bold, new solutions for improving food systems. In this round, the 50 winners were selected from nearly 2,000 entries across 135 countries.

Following this recognition, the demand from Australian consumers for Sunshine Sugar’s Low GI sugar has been overwhelming.

In addition to being stocked in independent supermarkets in the New South Wales Northern Rivers region, Sunshine Sugar’s Low GI Sugar is now available in more than 650 Woolworths Supermarkets nationally and Woolworths online.

Sunshine Sugar Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Connors said, “Since the United Nations Award announcement, we have had very strong demand from consumers across Australia. With both ALDI previously ranging Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar as a ‘seasonal line’ nationally and Woolworths coming on board as a national stockists, we can now offer Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar to people across the country who are actively seeking out healthier choices.”