LOCAL INVESTMENT diversifies sustainable manufacturing

Local Investment Diversifies Sustainable Manufacturing

Local Investment Diversifies Sustainable Manufacturing

To bring even more all-Australian products and projects to market, a capital works program nearing completion at the world-class Shoalhaven Starches site, is driving innovation to steer sustainable growth and job-creation.

“We remain dedicated to a strong future for an all-Australian, diversified advanced manufacturing industry,” said Manildra Group Managing Director John Honan.

“Focused on value-adding and leveraging our innate strengths in industry-leading innovation, these projects represent the single-largest investment in Manildra Group‘s history.”

Mr Honan said continuous reinvestment was fundamental to Shoalhaven Starches’ ongoing growth and shared success in partnership with our local employees, farmers, regional communities, and industries.

“We’re committed to the most innovative technologies and industrial processes at our world-class, regional Australian sites – driving innovation and sustainability through our leading research and development,” he said.

Overseeing the 18-month program of capital works across the 55-hectare site at Nowra, on the New South Wales south coast, Shoalhaven Starches Site Manager Tertius Jones leads teams across various fields, while guaranteeing round-the-clock production of all-Australian premium products.

“It’s a really exciting time to be part of Manildra Group, where we prioritise investment in Australian-grown and made,” said Mr Jones.

“With the continual investments underpinning our commitment to create more sustainable, high-value jobs – including opportunities for upskilling in training and development – our people remain at the heart of our business.”

Mr Jones said the latest capital works program had created more than 900 jobs during construction and sustained more than 420 green-collar advanced manufacturing jobs in fields including engineering, maintenance, sales, information technology, chemistry, trades and more.

Projects set for completion in 2023-2024 will bring Manildra Group’s Australian workforce to more than 1100 people, alongside thousands of jobs indirectly in transport, exports, agricultural industries and more.

“This investment ensures Manildra Group can continue leading the way in modernising operations through diversifying and boosting our production and range, as well as increasing demand for raw materials delivered to the site, including high-quality grains and flours produced at our flour mills,” said Mr Jones.

“It paves the way for further diversification of our wheat-based products and greater innovation in our closed-loop, zero-waste manufacturing process.”

Mr Honan said when Manildra Group set out on the $200 million cogeneration project to eliminate coal from the supply chain and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40 per cent, “there wasn’t a playbook or roadmap for us to follow, but we were committed to finding a solution and cementing our position as a leader in clean energy infrastructure”.

“Continued innovation and investment is critical to ensuring we can meet our nation’s net-zero carbon commitment by 2050, as well as continuing to build Australia’s modern manufacturing capabilities and the future of Australian-made products,” said Mr Honan.

“We remain grateful for the support and dedication of our people, whose passion and pride continues to make a huge difference to our shared success.”

Mr Honan also acknowledged our Australian and global customers’ growing appetite for premium Australian-grown and sustainably made products for driving Manildra Group’s continuous manufacturing excellence.