Lo-Fo Buzz Goes Global

Lo-Fo Buzz Goes Global | The Cultivator Spring 2018

The growing success of the world’s first  flours for avoiding digestive issues linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has led to the launch of Manildra Group’s first-ever international retail brand.

Certified low in FODMAP carbohydrates that  can cause abdominal bloating and other IBS-like symptoms, the Lo-Fo Pantry range of all-purpose plain flour and specialty bakery mixes has hit North American supermarket shelves.

It is the first time in Manildra Group’s 66-year history that the 100 per cent Australian  family-owned business has launched a retail brand overseas, with the Lo-Fo Pantry range stocked in Hy-Vee supermarkets across eight Midwestern states.

Boasting more than 245 stores focused on health and wellbeing – including in-store dieticians to support customers’ wellness needs and goals – Hy-Vee ranks among the top 25 supermarket chains in the United States.

Manildra Group Director Caroline Honan said the Lo-Fo Pantry range could play a significant role in the gut-health and wellbeing space.

Ms Honan said the move to establish the standalone brand followed the success of the breakthrough low-FODMAP range through The Healthy Baker in Australia.

Hy-Vee’s focus on health and nutrition is a natural fit for our Lo-Fo Pantry range and the response from consumers abroad has been phenomenal, with our products re-opening the door to baking,” she said.

“We also provide online recipes for low-FODMAP certified American favourites including pumpkin pie, waffles and cinnamon donuts, which are proving a huge hit.”

The Lo-Fo Pantry range includes Plain Flour (All Purpose Flour), Baking Mix, Bread Flour and Bread Flour with Seeds – all tested by the government-registered Australian certifier FODMAP Friendly with NATA accredited food laboratories, and approved for millions of people who suffer IBS-like abdominal symptoms but get no relief from a gluten-free diet.

The FODMAPs are extracted from the grain of 100 per cent Australian, GMO-free wheat as part of an all-natural, chemical-free wet milling process pioneered at Australia’s biggest flour mill, the regional NSW flagship of Manildra Group.

“We’re so proud the Lo-Fo Pantry flours and bakery mixes are giving people the freedom of relief from those IBS-like symptoms,” said Ms Honan.

“People following low-FODMAP diets can simply substitute Lo-Fo Pantry flours and bakery mixes into any recipe to put a smorgasbord of healthy and delicious foods back on the menu – from pizza and pasta to breads, hot cross buns, cookies, crumbles, cakes, scones, slices, muffins and more.”

As part of the international brand launch, The Healthy Baker Low FODMAP Flour has also been re-branded as Lo-Fo Pantry Low-FODMAP Plain Flour, available in Australian Woolworths and Coles nationwide.

For optimum nutritional health, Lo-Fo Pantry flours and bakery mixes are stocked in the popular air-tight and durable PET containers, which are suitable for re-use and storage after keeping your flour at its freshest.