Let Good Things Rise

Let Good Things Rise

Let Good Things Rise

When it comes to baking, you need the very best ingredients, and nothing is more important than the flour you start with.

From the rolling golden wheat fields in the heart of the New South Wales wheatbelt, and Manildra Group’s state-of-the-art flour mills, right through to the kitchen, we believe every step makes a difference in the final loaf.

“To mill the best quality flour, you need the best quality grain. We source the highest-quality Australian grain, milling exceptional flour for better baking,” said John Gorringe, Manager of Manildra Group’s flagship and Australia’s largest, Manildra Flour Mill.

“To us natural, means natural. Our wheat farming families tirelessly work to ensure that your bakes are sustainable from the start, because we know that when you start with the best, you get the best.

“From the humble loaf of white bread to mastering the perfect scone, we believe that every time you bake the flour you use should be right for the job, so it’s integral we source the very best varieties of wheat.”

Mr Gorringe said that the family-owned company exclusively sources the highest quality Australian-grown GMO-free and pesticide free wheat.

“Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Manildra Group,” Mr Gorringe said.

“We are dedicated to the best milling practices, tightest tolerances and strictest flour specifications producing a range of signature flours and bakery premixes that elevate every bake.

“Since 1952, we have been there through the decades as you bake – fostering a sense of community, joy, and love for the art of baking.”

Manildra Group’s state-of-the-art flour mills are located in the New South Wales wheatbelt from Gunnedah in the state’s north, Manildra in the central west, Narrandera in the south, to Bomaderry on the south coast.

With an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability, innovation and exceptional service, the mills operate round-the-clock with cutting- edge technology and world-class Buhler equipment.

With results you can trust, our Gem of the West signature flours and bakery premixes adhere the strictest tolerances in the milling industry for protein, ash, and mixing performance characteristics.

“Manildra Group is one of the oldest family-owned flour milling companies in the nation, producing virtually every baking ingredient you could desire – made with the finest Australian wheat and expertly milled to perfection,” Mr Gorringe told The Cultivator.

“Attention to detail and consistency is paramount, we’re committed to producing the highest-quality and best-performing Australian-grown and made flours and bakery premixes that customers can rely on.”

Backed by superior quality, taste, and texture bakers trust, Manildra Group’s innovative signature flour and bakery premix range delivers top quality structure, shape, and elasticity – incredibly desirable in bread, sweet, savoury, and yeasted bakes.

“Our highly skilled teams boast centuries of combined global milling experience, working revolving shifts onsite whilst operating the flour mills,” said Mr Gorringe.

From processing grain through to milling premium flour, the team is responsible for cleaning and tempering incoming wheat, managing consistent milling processes and extractions, maintaining equipment, and overseeing food, health, and safety.

Under the watchful eye of a Production Manager, the team of flour millers, senior milling specialists, mechanical maintenance workers and cleaners, seamlessly work together to deliver superior quality flour at an optimised milling time.

Manildra Flour Mill is home to one of the most advanced test bakeries in the nation, our highly skilled quality technicians and bakers support the production and delivery of our premium flours and bakery premixes ranging from low-protein, protein enriched, specialty, household, and customised blends.

Backed by Manildra Group’s trusted supply chain, unrivalled customer service and exceptional technical expertise, we employ generations of families at our flour mills in fields such as flour milling, baking, engineering, chemistry, sales, transport, logistics, administration, human resources, safety, maintenance, cleaning, packing and quality assurance.

The hub of uniformity and flawless consistency, Manildra Group’s expert quality assurance technicians perform dozens of rigorous tests throughout the milling process, testing every flour batch, from dough to the final loaf at the on-site innovative modern quality control laboratory.

From monitoring uniformity throughout the mill run and between flour shipments, ensuring customers’ technical specifications are met, to verifying desired flour characteristics, these tests guarantee our carefully calibrated formula provides the same superior results at every bake.

Mr Gorringe said that Manildra Group believes in the power of baking to make a difference — from paddock to plate, working together to build stronger communities and increase access and connection to real foods.