International walk-through

International walk-through | The Cultivator Spring 2021

INTERNATIONAL walk-through

The first container filled with Manildra Group’s Australian-grown and made food and industrial products left Australian shores more than 60 years ago, bound for a big world with infinite possibility.

With headquarters in Australia and offices in the United States, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, Manildra Group’s Country Managers and on-ground staff in logistics and transport make the process of sending and receiving our products seamless.

Manildra Group ensures the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers of all scales from local businesses to some of the world’s most recognised brands.

“Manildra Group’s Country Managers are our eyes and ears on the ground playing a critical role in providing marketing, technical, logistical support, and advice to local customers,” said Manildra Group Managing Director John Honan

Backed by our global reputation for best-practice processes, reinvestment in our state-of-the-art sites and world-leading innovation, Manildra Group exports 365 days of the year.

“With export at the heart of Manildra Group, our Country Managers are crucial in the development of business opportunities for our Australian-grown and made product range,” Mr Honan said.

TAIWAN | Sidney Chen

Manildra Group Taiwan Country Manager Sidney Chen is passionate about delivering high-quality Australian products for Taiwanese businesses and consumers. Mr Chen is across the fluctuations in demand locally, creating opportunities to provide real value in emerging industries and markets. His family adores Manildra Group’s products, including cooking with auzure Canola Oil and buying buttery croissants from his favourite bakery in the city that uses our flour.

MALAYSIA | Liew Wang Shiang

Manildra Group’s Asia Sales Manager (Food Ingredients) Liew Wang Shiang is an expert in the food industry with a background in quality assurance, research and development and sales. Ms Liew’s intimate local knowledge, calm nature and reliability makes her a respected member of our team. Ms Liew satisfies her sweet tooth, with the local delicacy, Angku Kuih (red tortoise cake) a delicious dessert filled with a green bean filling, made with our premium wheat starch.

PHILIPPINES | Sherwin Caranto

Manildra Group Philippines Country Manager Sherwin Caranto heads up our sales, operations and business development for Philippine traders, distributors, and customers. Mr Caranto is a hard worker, driven by a love for agriculture and food.

At home, he loves cooking pasta using Manildra Group’s durum wheat semolina and his famous golden tempura battered fried chicken and pork ribs, with the secret ingredient, our wheat starch that provides the crispy crunch!

INDONESIA | Timotius Wirawan

Manildra Group Indonesia Country Manager Timotius Wirawan excels in maintaining customer relationships, particularly in the food and feed industries, unrivalled by other manufacturers. A self-confessed “Dim Sum Connoisseur”, he loves enjoying these delightful delicacies, made with our wheat starch. Mr Wirawan is results orientated and looks forward to taking on any challenge that might come his way.

KOREA | YS Chang

Manildra Group Korea Country Manager YS Chang is a dedicated worker who continues to uphold Manildra Group’s exceptional reputation – setting the benchmark for quality, consistency, and innovation. When dining out, Mr Chang always orders his favourite succulent steamed dumplings, with our wheat starch perfecting the texture, colour and transparency!