Innovation hub grounding a global network

Innovation hub grounding a global network | The Cultivator Autumn 2017

Innovation hub grounding a global network

Headquartered in the Sydney suburb of Gladesville is the foundation for Manildra Group’s research and development reputation and a highly valued innovation resource for our customers. This includes boutique bakers developing desirable recipes, manufacturers of household brands testing a new range of products, or the Fortune 500 company evaluating product performance on a global scale.

Staffed by highly-skilled scientists, engineers and food technology specialists, the Test Bakery and Innovation Centre creates value-added ingredients, refines test recipes, and plans new menus.

From flours, bakery mixes and noodles to health bars, breakfast cereals, ice-cream and nutrition- based beverages, the innovation hub’s highly qualified on-site team pioneers and puts food products through their paces – with rigorous evaluation for product robustness and consistency.

The state-of-the-art facility provides customers with a fully equipped bakery environment for a variety of purposes – from training and workshops with customers and sales teams to sensory panels on food products’ visual appeal, taste and texture.

Manildra’s 100 per cent Australian family-owned international agribusiness boasts fully resourced research and development facilities in Sydney, Nowra, Manildra, Melbourne, and Kansas City (USA). Here we continuously discover the latest technologies to develop superior products, using the most efficient and environmentally friendly production processes, for the sustainability of our agricultural and manufacturing industries and communities.

Shortening the seven-hour baking process to mere minutes, Manildra’s innovative Brioche Mix combines premium freshly milled GMO-free flour with the eggs and milk. Just add unsalted butter, yeast and water for dough ready in less than 10 minutes that results in a classic French bread – slightly sweet and rich with a soft, golden crust and a butter-soft cake crumble texture. Prized by bakers for its robustness and versatility, bake Manildra’s Brioche Mix as a loaf for a sweet breakfast staple, as a roll with savoury meals, or as a base for a number of desserts. (Available in 5kg and 12.5kg bags.)

Manildra’s newly launched Four Seeded Bread Mix is a blend of premium, freshly milled GMO-free flour, kibbled soy and wheat bran – densely packed with canola seeds, linseeds, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Highly nutritious with distinct nutty and earthy flavours, Manildra’s Four Seeded Bread Mix bakes loaves, French sticks and rolls. (Available in 5kg and 12.5kg bags.)