Harvest Yields for People and Business

Harvest Yields for People and Business

Harvest Yields for People and Business

The transformational Harvest software system being rolled out company-wide will optimise and sustain the future growth of Manildra Group’s operations.

The multi-million-dollar investment will “optimise how we do business – from sales and production to customer service, supply chain and everything in-between – enabling us to adapt and evolve with market demands”, said Manildra Group Commercial Sales Manager Mark Puglisi.

Building on 71 years of continuous reinvestment in technology, best- practice processes and innovation, Harvest lays the foundations for Manildra Group’s future,” Mr Puglisi said following his first year on-the-ground visiting our world-class sites, employees, and customers from coast-to-coast.

Bringing a fresh set of eyes to our diverse and expanding manufacturing business, the leading business strategist told The Cultivator of the “second-to-none” superiority of Manildra Group’s technology, expertise and supply chain security.

“Harvest will critically support our equally sophisticated management systems to streamline processes and functions,” said Mr Puglisi.

Manildra Group Managing Director John Honan said Harvest’s seamlessly modern system was industry-leading, backed by the Cloud-based Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP).

“Maintaining our international competitiveness means staying on the front foot – and part of this strategy is transforming our digital landscape,” he said.

Mr Honan said Manildra Group’s world-class standing was further maintained by a loyal local workforce with invaluable business knowledge and unrivalled industry experience.

“Employee confidence and engagement are key to the success of Manildra Group’s national implementation of Harvest in 2023, and we’re supporting teams with tailored learning, development and training opportunities,” he said.