Growers Gain Value with Storage Upgrades

Growers Gain Value with Storage Upgrades

Growers Gain Value with Storage Upgrades

Significant investment upgrades at Manildra Group’s high-capacity grain storage sites will enhance efficiencies, services, deliveries and storage opportunities for farming families throughout the heart of Australia’s wheatbelt.

Manildra Group Head of Grain Operations, Jacob Wooden, said the new storage capacity and enhancements across their extensive network were delivered off the back of an analysis of truck turnaround times and feedback from local farmers captured over recent harvests.

“Farmers continue to invest in their harvest capability, and we’re focused on matching this with our services whether that’s to increase the number of drop-off points, boost capacity, or remove bottlenecks,” Mr Wooden said.

“Our local teams strive to ensure that the movement of grain is efficient, cost-effective and reliable to provide greater flexibility and transparency in the grain processing system for farmers.”

Underpinning the continuous expansion and reinvestment in key infrastructure projects at Manildra Group’s grain storage sites is our local grains operations and wheat buying teams’ commitment to enhancing efficiencies, deliveries, and services.

“Our onsite teams have shown great resilience in receiving and outloading significant volumes of grain across our network whilst maintaining personal relationships with local farming families in their community,” Mr Wooden said.

“Our sites are perfectly situated throughout the wheatbelt in close proximity to regional community hubs and different grain sources, with our local teams working with farmers to ensure their requirements are met and managed efficiently,” he said.

Mr Wooden said that additional modern bunker stackers (drive-over hoppers) have been constructed at all grain storage sites to improve the delivery experience for farmers by increasing inbound and outbound efficiencies.

Additionally, a second weigh bridge has been constructed at Bogan Gate reducing turn-around times by half for farmers and carriers.

“We’re continually investing in our value chain network, ensuring grain stored maintains its high-quality standards and delivers a dependable grain supply round-the-clock guaranteeing the freshest milled flour for our customers,” Mr Wooden told The Cultivator.

Manildra Group’s state-of-the-art grain storage sites are strategically located in New South Wales from Stockinbingal and Grong Grong in the southwest slopes and the Riverina, to Manildra and Bogan Gate in the central west, north to Moree and Bellata in the state’s central north.

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