Grain Growers Gain from Investment in Wheatbelt Heartland

Grain Growers Gain from Investment in Wheatbelt Heartland

Grain Growers Gain from Investment in Wheatbelt Heartland

Grain growers will reap the benefits of significant investments made at two additional high-capacity grain storage sites in the heart of the New South Wales wheatbelt, expanding Manildra Group’s grain-buying footprint for many Australian wheat farming families.

Manildra Group Head Grain Buyer Peter Sloan said the new grain storage investments at Grong Grong, in the south-west slopes and Bogan Gate in the central west of New South Wales, were warmly welcomed by locals, after a “challenging” wheat harvest.

“Overall, everyone worked together to harvest a bountiful Australian wheat crop – an absolute credit to the outstanding growers, harvest contractors, carriers, communities and grain receival sites,” Mr Sloan said.

“Harvesting in some regions was hampered by late heavy rains and flooding, and although moisture is usually welcome, growers struggled to harvest with these challenging conditions, with some receiving their annual rainfall in the month of December 2021.

“Soft growing conditions throughout harvest ultimately resulted in the slow ripening of wheat crops which maintained the test weight of wheat – but at the expense of protein.

“Quality was high throughout Queensland and much of northern New South Wales, however the widespread rain meant growers harvested much later than normal, well into 2022 – deteriorating the wheat crop’s quality from central, to the south of New South Wales.”

The extremely wet summer has continued into the winter crop period. Some dry weather would be very welcome to enable growers to finish their planting programs. It won’t take much rain in spring to grow a crop this year.

“This is Manildra Group’s heartland, so we are looking forward to the great opportunities these storage investments will provide for wheat farming families and the wider grains industry,” he said.

Manildra Group Grains Operations Manager Jacob Wooden is responsible for the grain storage sites and manages the grain-handling “go to” teams on-site year around – ensuring the delivery of high-quality wheat from grain sites to flour mills daily.

Vast logistical and infrastructure investment upgrades at current sites have increased efficiencies for grower deliveries and service, following local feedback from growers and carriers.

“Our grain site managers are always striving to improve the sites, providing valuable feedback to increase productivity like the construction of the second weighbridge at Bellata, which reduces turn-around times by half for growers and carriers, so the headers can continue rolling,” Mr Wooden told The Cultivator.

“We were very pleased with the tremendous support from communities, growers and traders and we’re committed to reinvesting into these sites to make the grain buying process as efficient as possible.

“The purchase of the sites at Grong Grong and Bogan Gate provide opportunities for growers to market and work directly with Manildra Group – receiving a safe and efficient delivery point for their wheat, with competitive prices,” he said.

Manildra Group owns and operates six grain storage sites in New South Wales from Stockinbingal and Grong Grong in the south-west slopes and the Riverina, to Manildra and Bogan Gate in the central west, and north to Moree and Bellata in the state’s central north.

Phone 1300 MANILDRA to contact Manildra Group’s local wheat grain specialists.