Daily Bread Fresh from Flour Mill to Coles shelves

Daily Bread Fresh from Flour Mill to Coles shelves | The Cultivator Autumn 2021

Daily Bread Fresh from Flour Mill to Coles shelves

A major supermarket partnership with the Australian grocery market’s largest manufacturer of packaged retail wheat flours is bringing fresh-baked breads and goods made from premium Australian wheat to the nation.


As a longstanding supplier of 100 per cent Australian, GMO-free, private-label and branded flour products to all major retailers, Australian family-owned business Manildra Group began providing high-quality savoury and sweet bread mixes for Coles’ in-store bakeries in January 2021.


The specially developed range of mixes – including Universal Bread Mix, Bun Mix, Multigrain Bread Mix and Wholegrain Bread Mix – are packed in 12.5kg bags at the state-of-the-art Manildra mill, in the heart of the central west New South Wales wheatbelt, and delivered to multiple Coles distribution centres across the nation for more than 800 supermarkets.


“The beauty of great baked goods is all in the dough,” Manildra Group Managing Director John Honan told The Cultivator, “and using the right mix is integral.”


“Premium-quality food has been at the heart of our business for nearly seven decades and we’re excited to partner with Coles supermarkets on this range of bakery mixes.”


“This range is proudly produced by our family-owned Australian company for Coles customers from Cairns to Hobart to Perth, and everywhere in between to enjoy,” he said.


Manildra Group National Sales Manager Murray Newman said Manildra Group’s Universal Bread Mix – developed between Manildra Group’s research and development team and Coles’ technical teams for a top-quality bread mix significantly lower in sodium – had been “specifically formulated to provide the highest quality product, improving crumb softness in the savoury and sweet range, while maintaining a crispy crust and soft open crumb in Coles’ crusty range.”


“With a high water absorption improving yields and shelf life, our Universal Bread Mix is used to make Coles’ delicious freshly baked savoury and sweet products ranging from soft round rolls and loaves to Vienna and French sticks, cobs, cheese-and- bacon scrolls, pizza rolls and savoury Tare & Share’s,” he said.


Manildra Group’s Wholemeal Bread Mix is milled from premium Australian wheat into a fine texture for a smoother wholemeal flour providing a sustained source of energy and rich source of fibre to products baked.


“The versatility of this mix means that Coles in-house bakers can produce wholemeal options for customers including loaves, Viennas, cobs, French sticks and rolls packed with a naturally high source of fibre with leading softness and a smoother mouthfeel.”


For multigrain alternatives, Manildra Group’s Multigrain Bread Mix is milled from premium GMO-free, whole wheat flour and includes a carefully selected blend of nine grains and seeds such as linseed, sunflower seeds, oats, corn and barley. The multigrain bread range can also extend to loaves, Viennas, cobs and rolls.


“The popularity of this product continues to grow, as it delivers a soft grain texture with excellent bite – all the while delivering the benefits associated with increased grain consumption such as more fibre and longer-lasting energy,” said Mr Newman.


Along with the Coles national in-house bakery tender awarded to Manildra Group in May 2020 are bakery mixes supplied for finished sweet treats ranging from decadent sweet buns and fruit loaves to custard scrolls, apple crumble logs, chocolate scrolls and finger buns.


“Our Bun Mix has been customised for a sweet, soft and light crumb and perfect balance to promote the flavour of ingredients and toppings added by Coles’ in-store bakeries for the impulse range – it really is the ultimate mix,” said Mr Newman.