CO2 Plant To Create Food and Beverage Products

CO2 Plant To Create Food and Beverage Products | The Cultivator Autumn 2019

Turning hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) into food-grade products for local industries every week, a strategic partnership between family-owned Manildra Group and Supagas Australia is closing the loop on sustainable manufacturing.

Adding even more value to gas byproducts, a state-of-the-art CO2 plant is being installed by Supagas at our integrated Shoalhaven Starches manufacturing facility in Nowra, NSW, to produce Australian-made, food-quality CO2 for domestic food, beverage and hospitality markets.

Designed and installed by industry leaders in CO2 construction, the Australian-owned GLP (Gas Liquid Processing), the plant will produce food-grade CO2 to create dry ice for frozen food transport, put the sparkle in carbonated drinks, or improve the shelf life of foods, among other uses.

“This facility will substantially reduce our waste stream from the plant by removing hundreds of tonnes of CO2 a week from the atmosphere, and then value-adding to create products for local industries,” said Manildra Group Managing Director John Honan.

Supagas Australia Project Engineer Ben Vocale said using leftover CO2 instead of starting from scratch multiplied the environmental benefits.

“Supagas currently burns natural gas to produce CO2, so the recovery of CO2 from Shoalhaven Starches, will enable these other operations to be phased out, further reducing greenhouse gases and other emissions to the atmosphere,” Mr Vocale said.

The CO2 plant forms part of Manildra Group’s ongoing commitment to innovation at our Nowra facility, which continues to set the global standard for sustainable manufacturing.

CO2 Plant To Create Food and Beverage Products