Ambitious Growth Drives Distillery for Purest of Spirits

Ambitious Growth Drives Distillery for Purest of Spirits

Ambitious Growth Drives Distillery for Purest of Spirits

On the back of exponential domestic and international demand for premium ethanol, construction is underway of the latest world-class ethanol distillery at the Shoalhaven Starches site, where high-quality ethanol (alcohol) bound for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and personal care industries will be produced.

Made in Europe, the 52-metre-high distillery, will increase Manildra Group’s ethanol production capabilities to meet the company’s growth and to facilitate further opportunities for product development and innovation.

With foundations completed in 2021, the new five-column distillery is nearing completion with an impressive 330 tonnes of structural steel and five kilometers of stainless-steel pipework, and a projection that the distillery will be fully operational by later this year.

Since 1992, Manildra Group has been recognised as Australian pioneers in ethanol production, and we are proud to continue our legacy of impressive innovation and the highest-quality standards, producing a truly neutral and odorless product range.

“We’re delighted to celebrate another significant milestone, which builds on our current exceptional reputation to produce the highest-quality grain neutral spirits with extraordinary care and commitment,” said Manildra Group Head of Ethanol, Debbie Forster.

“Once operational, this additional distillery will produce the very purest Australian-grown and made grain neutral spirits from premium 100 per cent Australian, GMO-free wheat.

“This impressive investment supports our local economy, whilst delighting local and international customers by producing ethanol that delivers on purity, quality and exceptional taste – the most stringent in the industry,” Ms Forster said.

From Australian to global customers, Manildra Group’s premium ethanol product range will be used in a range of industries including cosmetic and beauty, cleaning and industrial, pharmaceutical, beverage and food.

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