A Toast to the Australian Drinks Industry

A Toast to the Australian Drinks Industry

A Toast to the Australian Drinks Industry

A once-in-a-lifetime pandemic had an unprecedented impact on the Australian way of life, rapidly changing the drinks marketplace as eating and drinking occasions moved home.

The Drinks Association Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Lennon, told The Cultivator that the pandemic highlighted the importance of consumer, market and category dynamics.

“The pandemic hit on-premise business hard with forced closures resulting in declining sales, as drinking occasions moved home. Meanwhile drink sales soared for those able to trade, licensed delivery alternatives boomed, and brands embraced e-commerce,” she said.

Since 1897, The Drinks Association has supported and promoted the drinks industry providing support and services including forums, events, publications, and websites.

Ms Lennon says she is fortunate to work in such a vibrant, diverse, and evolving industry, a sector bursting with growth potential.

“The pandemic impacted where, what, and how consumers interact with the drinks industry. Our members are incredibly resilient and adapted by promoting local provenance, premiumisation and heritage in brands, expanding to licensed deliveries and increasing direct consumer sales.

“Despite recent challenges, the industry helped each other through these times – sharing a fondness, pride, and connection to drinks,” she said.

Devoted to unlocking the potential of their Australian-made grain neutral spirits in partnership with customers of all sizes, Manildra Group’s Head of Ethanol Debbie Forster said engagement with industry is integral, with Manildra Group a proud Associate Member of The Drinks Association.

“From grain to glass impeccable consistency and exceptional quality is fundamental to our superior grain neutral spirit range,” said Ms Forster.

Made from the finest GMO-free Australian wheat, Manildra Group’s pure grain neutral spirits deliver a neutral aroma and smooth taste – produced at their world-class distillery in Nowra, New South Wales.

For more information on Manildra Group’s ethanol range, contact ethanol.orders@manildra.com.au