90 years of history made in Australia one bowl at a time

90 years of history made in Australia one bowl at a time | The Cultivator Autumn 2017

90 years of history made in Australia one bowl at a time

Already a significant buyer of Australian wheat products, the nation’s biggest breakfast cereal icon is a major supporter of our farmers, buying 100 per cent Aussie-grown wheat that helps deliver more than 71 million boxes of Kellogg’s cereal to families in both Australia and New Zealand, every year.

As the preferred supplier to Kellogg’s – and with a shared commitment to sustainable Australian industries – the 100 per cent Australian family- owned international agribusiness Manildra Group provides 90 per cent of the wheat ingredients needed to create the breakfast cereal staples of Aussie pantries for generations of families.

Manildra hand-selects 100 per cent Australian, non-genetically modified wheat for milling, at one of four state-of-the-art flour mills in regional NSW, and then transport on Manildra’s freight network to Sydney, where the 90-year-old Kellogg’s factory at Botany makes Australia’s most popular breakfast cereals.

Kellogg’s Manufacturing Director Kevin Carolan said up to 85 per cent of all raw material ingredients in the Australian cereals were sourced in Australia. With a long history of sourcing and supporting Aussie farming families on home soil, the company plans to continue nurturing these relationships and sourcing high-quality Australian grains.

“That’s why we continue to grow our long-standing partnerships with Australian-owned companies such as Manildra – which has grown to become one of our biggest suppliers, providing almost all our wheat-based ingredients in Australia,” said Mr Carolan.

The Kellogg’s Global 2020 Sustainability Goals commit to sustainable sourcing of top 10 ingredients (including wheat). In Australia, this includes fostering long-term relationships with Australian farmers and manufacturers such as Manildra.

Mr Carolan said Kellogg’s recognised the connection between Australian manufacturing and sustainably sourced ingredients.

“We know Aussies want to support local industries, and that Australian-grown ingredients are a key factor in their decision-making – so we’re proud to continue to meet their needs by supporting Australian farmers through our sourcing choices,” Mr Carolan said.

“Wheat is one of the most commonly used grains in Kellogg’s cereals, so having a partner like Manildra on board to help us source high-quality wheat from Aussie farmers is integral for our production.”

Reflecting on Manildra’s 18-year partnership with Kellogg’s, Managing Director John Honan said Manildra was very proud to be the preferred supplier of wheat-based products for the major brand in Australia.

“It’s great to work with a passionate partner like Kellogg’s who shares our values and commitment to supporting Australian-grown and made products,” said Mr Honan.

The Kellogg’s Australia story started in 1924, when automatic packaging machinery specialist Morris Raymer was sent to NSW to set up corn flake machinery and production in rented premises

in Shepherd Street, Chippendale. He was followed a year later by Kellogg’s Joel S Mitchell to launch the marketing program for Corn Flakes.

It was so successful, a new plant was built in 1928 at Botany Bay where it continues to operate today.

“We continue to invest in our Botany cereal plant as the demand for grain and fibre-based foods in diets significantly increases,” said Mr Carolan.

Mr Carolan said the celebration of 90 years of manufacturing at Botany was an opportunity to reflect on the impact of Kellogg’s in Australia – including feeding millions of families tasty, top-quality foods both grown and made at home – and to look forward to creating brighter days for Australians for another 90 years and more.