Food and Industrial Products

MANILDRA GROUP IS A FAMILY- OWNED AUSTRALIAN GROUP OF COMPANIES, uniquely integrated as a diverse international agribusiness, dedicated to:

  • adding value to Australian industries and communities; and
  • developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative products – unrivalled in quality and value – for a global market.
Flour and Bakery Premixes

DIRECT FROM THE FARM AND RIGHT THE WAY THROUGH OUR MANUFACTURING process to customer delivery, superior quality is at the core of Manildra’s commitment to excellence. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities throughout Australia and a site in the United States. Our range of diverse products end up in thousands of household brands on every continent.

Food Manufacturing

WITH A FOCUS ON BEING INTERNATIONALLY COMPETITIVE,  we could not have achieved over 60 years of growth and success without the support of our farmers, suppliers, partners and customers. The importance of these relationships – some spanning the full six decades of Manildra’s history – are never underestimated by us. “TOGETHER, WE GROW.” 

Manildra Ethanol

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