Using premium Australian wheat, Manildra Group produces a complete range of glucose syrups, maltodextrin powders and brewers syrups, as part of a world-class integrated production process at our Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales.

The key benefits of our syrups include:

  • balancing sweetness
  • enhancing flavours
  • controlling the crystallisation process
  • creating a firm structure
  • improving mouthfeel
  • sugar replacer
  • increasing product shelf life.


Manildra Group is Australia’s market leader in glucose production, including premium syrups for ice-cream, baked products, chocolate, confectionery, non-dairy creamers, nutritional products, and a wide range of beverages. Our glucose is certified gluten-free under FSANZ Standard 1.2.3.

Brewers syrups

Manildra Group supplies Australian-made brewers syrup to customers ranging from boutique breweries to some of the world’s most-recognised beer brands. We also partner with individual breweries to produce brewers syrup with flavour and fermentability customised to enhance end-product specifications, enabling lower alcohol content beers to maintain their mouth feel.


Manildra Group continually improves refining techniques  for ultimate clarity and sweetness in maltodextrins, commonly used to carry flavours and seasonings. Additionally, it improves the texture and mouthfeel in various beverages (including non-dairy creamers, sweetened beverages and brewed beverages), desserts, and ice-cream. Our maltodextrins balance sweetness, act as a bulking agent, and provide a firmer texture for dairy-based foods and frozen desserts.