Sugar Sizes Up for New Industrial Range

Sugar Sizes Up for New Industrial Range | The Cultivator Spring 2018

The launch of Sunshine Sugar’s low-GI sugar in a 25kg bag coincides with a fresh look for the all-Australian range.

Sunshine Sugar is rolling out new-look packaging across the industrial product line — including raw sugar, white sugar (bottler’s and manufacturer’s grades) and caster sugar — in addition to the release of low-GI Nucane, the good sugar®.

Sunshine Sugar is the first in the world to install the technology to produce Nucane,  a wholesome cane sugar naturally rich in antioxidants, with a lower glycemic index.

The 100 per cent natural, low-GI sugar is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised — resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood-glucose.

As the only Bonsucro-certified sustainable and fully Australian-owned sugar operations in the world, Sunshine Sugar takes pride in being a local leader in this initiative.

Sugar Sizes Up for New Industrial Range