Manildra Group uses Australian wheat to produce native and modified starches, and offers waxy maize starches, as part of an integrated process at our world-class Shoalhaven Starches site in Nowra, New South Wales.

Our starch product range has expanded to service the growing food, paper, packaging, mining and construction industries. These products include waxy maize starch and a range of wheat-based starches including resistant, modified food grade, as well as size press, wet end, corrugating and starches for carbonless paper and coating.


Our range of starches are the building blocks for confectionary, baking and food products and are used:

  • As a binding and thickening agent in many food processes including as a neutral-tasting thickener for sauces, marinade and gravies
  • For making noodles, dumplings and fried or battered food as a firming and brightening agent
  • To reduce calories and increase dietary fibre (resistant starch)
  • As an extender in various meat and seafood products
  • As a carrier of flavour, spice and extract products


Our range of starches are used extensively:

  • For paper strength and bonding in packaging grades, and to improve sheet brightness of fine paper
  • As a base of corrugating adhesives with our native wheat starch forming a highly consistent and strong glue that performs well on any corrugator
  • In our range of specialised plasterboard products to provide optimum performance for liner bonding and board core strength
  • In the resources sector as an all-natural, environmentally friendly depressant in the flotation circuits, as well as a settling and clarity aid to enhance yield recovery.

Manildra Group’s expert technical team can advise on the ideal starch solution for our customers’ individual functionality and production requirements. Our specialised starches fulfil the toughest demands for optimal operational and commercial solutions.