Vital Wheat Gluten & Proteins

Manildra Group produces vital wheat gluten and premium proteins at Shoalhaven Starches, our state-of-the-art facility at Nowra, New South Wales, and at our world-class United States manufacturing facility at Hamburg in Iowa.

The world’s largest wheat starch and gluten plant of its kind, Shoalhaven Starches operates the most advanced industry technology to produce gluten (protein) for a variety of baking, food, pet food and aquaculture applications.

Our vital wheat gluten is a high-protein fine powder extracted from premium Australian, GMO-free modified wheat flour.

Manildra Group is the world’s leading producer of vital wheat gluten for the baking industry to enhance flour quality, strength, elasticity and gas retention in dough, and improve the texture in baked goods.

Our premium proteins are the main ingredient in the popular meat substitute seitan, which can be sliced, chopped or ground to resemble hamburger meat. Our gluten provides unique fibrous texture similar to meat, is dairy free and high in protein.

Manildra Group’s vital wheat gluten is used globally in:

  • noodles
  • bread
  • breakfast cereals
  • weight management bars and beverages
  • nutritional beverages
  • meat replacement products
  • egg powder replacer
  • protein-fortified foods
  • commercial fish feed
  • pet food

Our specialist technical team is available to advise our customers on the ideal protein solution for optimal functionality in any application.