Manildra Group is a valued supplier of Australian-made and grown products to the retail industry, from major supermarket chains and independent grocers to online retailers at home and overseas.

We are the largest manufacturer of packaged retail wheat flours in the Australian grocery market. Our premium 100 per cent Australian, GMO-free private label and branded products are supplied to all major retailers.

Our specialist in-store bakery mixes are supplied to internationally recognised brands throughout Australia, and exported throughout South East Asia and North America.

Also featured among our range of specialist retail products are premium Australian canola oils, and dry and liquid sugars.



The Healthy Baker products are milled from premium 100 per cent GMO-free Australian wheat – carefully selected, triple-sifted, unbleached and enriched with vitamins and minerals. The Healthy Baker products are produced at Australia’s biggest flour mill – our state-of-the-art flagship facility at Manildra.


Manildra Group’s Lo-Fo Pantry Plain flour is milled to remove FODMAPs from premium 100 per cent Australian GMO-free wheat in an all-natural, chemical-free, wet extraction process pioneered by Manildra Group. Lo-Fo Pantry is certified by FODMAP Friendly, and accredited for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) like symptoms.


Our 100 per cent Australian-owned, grown and made Sunshine Sugar retail range includes a low-GI sugar as well as raw, caster and white sugar in 1kg, 2kg and 3kg packs.


Our 100 per cent GMO-free, expeller-pressed premium canola oil range, auzure, is available in four convenient retail sizes – 1L, 2L and 4L and a 600mL bottle.