Performance Diet More Than a Gut Feeling

Performance Diet More Than a Gut Feeling | The Cultivator Autumn 2020

Performance Diet More Than a Gut Feeling

At Tamworth in north-western NSW, Bruce and Julie McNaughton’s horse stud and training facility is home to some of the country’s top campdrafting horses.

Having established themselves as industry leaders in campdraft horse breeding, training and competing, the McNaughtons are excited for the future of the fastest-growing equine sport in Australia.

Campdrafting combines agility, timing and focus to ‘cut out’ a steer or heifer from the herd.

Mr McNaughton has competed in and trained horses for campdrafting his whole life.

Travelling far and wide to compete, Mr McNaughton said the family-friendly sport was built on strong community engagement.

Investing in the best horses for the sport, Mr McNaughton also likes to ensure they are on a premium diet for peak performance.

He said the consistency of Manildra Equine Performance Horse pellets had made a notable difference after a few months.

“Consistent stockfeed is extremely important for our horses’ gut health,” Mr McNaughton said.

“Changing the quality and types of feed too often can lead to poor-performing horses.”

Extremely palatable, Manildra Equine Performance Horse pellets are ideal for muscle-building, boosting immunity, and improving hoof condition — all of which require careful attention when a horse is being trained for campdrafting.

“The quality and continued consistency of our premium products are of upmost importance at Manildra Equine,” said Manildra Stockfeed northern NSW stockfeed manager, Nathan Kruidenier.

“We understand the important role quality feed plays in overall animal health and performance and are glad we can provide this quality feed to people in growing industries such as campdraft.”

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