DDG-S for New Zealand Dairy Industry

DDG-S for New Zealand Dairy Industry

DDG-S for New Zealand Dairy Industry

Produced in the idyllic south coast New South Wales town of Nowra and shipped to the lush dairy farms of New Zealand, Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S (Dried Distiller’s Grain Syrup) wheat pellets are delivering on quality, growth, and nutrition, supporting the booming dairy industry across the Tasman.

As one of the leading dairy exporters in the world, New Zealand’s naturally blessed landscape is ideal for high output milk production. It’s temperate climate, regular rain fall provides the perfect environment for consistent pasture growth.

Fed through spring, summer and autumn on these pastures, producers integrate the highly customised DDG-S wheat pellets into a cows balanced diet, resulting in impressive milk yields throughout lactation.

The premium and highly popular, New Zealand milk products are then distributed around the world to a range of food and beverage industries.

The first shipment of Manildra Stockfeed’s high-performance range of supplementary feeds – produced at our state-of-the-art plant in Nowra, New South Wales, left Australia in 2007, bound for New Zealand and Indonesia.

“We noticed incredible opportunities for our stockfeed range in these export markets, and additionally with Manildra Group’s well-established export channels and Country Managers based abroad, there was really no barriers to entry,” said Head of Manildra Stockfeed, Tim Wirth.

An important export market, the results are consistent across the New Zealand dairy industry, with producers and nutritionists seeking Manildra Stockfeed DDG-S wheat pellets to maintain growth and wellbeing whilst delivering optimum milk yields at significant cost benefit.

“Our high-quality signature blend delivers the best mix of energy and protein, and when combined with available pastures, it is perfect for maximising milk production in this market.

“Additionally, the pellets are very palatable, with their flavour and smell promoting quick feed acceptance,” said Mr Wirth.

Supplying more than 2,000 dairy farms in the Waikato and Southland regions, Manildra Stockfeed’s two main distributers; Oilseed Products New Zealand and J Swap are fundamental to our success story in New Zealand.

“We have partnered with our New Zealand distributers since we first entered this market, and they have been vital in facilitating sales, distribution and transportation, working on-the-ground with dairy producers and tailoring advice to their enterprises.

“Consistency of supply and quality is key when entering any export market. Our Australian logistics teams and New Zealand distributors ensure that our stockfeed range is readily available, exceeding dairy producers’ expectations.

“One of the remarkable benefits of our extremely palatable range is that it is easy to transport and store, with New Zealand dairy producers attesting to its long shelf life,” he said.

Mr Wirth said that each pellet mix was customised to meet the nutritional, well-being, and health needs of the animal, with Manildra Stockfeed additionally providing their range to New Zealand’s thriving Dairy Goat industry.

Formulated and recommended by leading animal nutritionists, the pellets are produced from Manildra Group’s unique dried distillers grain and syrups with the addition of soluble wheat proteins, starches, high-quality trace elements, minerals, and vitamins.

For more information on Manildra Stockfeed and Manildra Equine products, contact our specialist sales team on 02 4423 8300 or stockfeed@manildra.com.au