All natural, healthy sugar a game-changer

All natural, healthy sugar a game-changer | The Cultivator Autumn 2017

All natural, healthy sugar a game-changer

Sunshine Sugar is set to become Australia’s leading producer of NucaneTM – a low-GI, antioxidant-rich sugar that’s identical in texture and taste and ideal for food and beverage producers to make products healthier without compromising taste.

Sunshine Sugar has signed a world-first licensing agreement with food technology innovator Nutrition Innovation Group, for use of its Nucane technology and algorithm, to produce 100 per cent natural Australian cane sugar that retains naturally occurring minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium) while being certified low-glycemic index to World Health Organisation standards.

“What the team here have invented is a potential game-changer for world health,” said Nutrition Innovation CEO Matthew Godfrey.

“Nucane is aimed at helping to combat the global obesity and diabetes epidemic via partnerships between sugar mills and brands to increase healthier options for consumers worldwide.”

A partnership between Australian family-owned international agribusiness Manildra Group and more than 500 canegrowers who form the NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative, Sunshine Sugar aims to become the nation’s leading producer of Nucane.

“I can see us in Australia leading the way initially on this and the world following,” said Sunshine Sugar CEO Chris Connors. “This is all about ensuring the sustainability of our growers.”

State-of-the-art technology will be installed at Sunshine Sugar’s raw sugar food-grade mill at Condong, in the NSW Tweed Valley, to produce Nucane for industrial customers who require a precise and consistent – but healthier – specification of sugar to use in their existing brands and recipes.

Mr Godfrey said Nucane could be used in all forms of food and beverages, such as canned and dairy products, breads and baked goods, confectionery and chocolates, sauces, and in quick service restaurants.

The only remaining Australian-owned sugar refiner, Manildra Harwood Sugars (trading as Sunshine Sugar) is also the world’s first to receive internationally recognised Bonsucro certification for industry sustainability.