Cattle feeding
Cattle and stockfeed

Manufacturing a range of quality performance supplementary feeds for export and domestic beef cattle, dairy cow, sheep, swine and poultry markets, our stockfeeds are sourced from Manildra-owned and operated production facilities in NSW at Bomaderry, Manildra and Gunnedah. Our purpose-built pelletising plant at Nowra will utilise the full resources of the company for specific feeds formulated for:

  • Dry Dairy Cows.
  • Transition Dairy Cows
  • Lactating Dairy Cows
  • Background Beef Cattle
  • Feedlot Cattle
  • Supplementary Lamb and Sheep feeds

Our comprehensive range of performance feed also includes;

  • high-protein meat and bone meal from Manildra Meat Company by-product;
  • high-energy molasses from our Manildra Harwood Sugar refinery, a palatable wheat mill mix blend of wheat bran and pollard from our flour mills; and
  • wheat dried distiller’s grain and solubles, a highly palatable source of protein and energy suitable for all ruminants.

For all stockfeed orders and enquiries, please email or call (02) 4423 8300.

Bomaderry Products

Products ex Bomaderry NSW 2540. Delivering from QLD through to VIC

For all enquiries, please call (02) 4423 8300 or email
ProductDescriptionClick for more info
DDG-S/ Wheat PelletOur most popular pellet! An extremely palatable, 6mm brown pellet with rich fermented odour.
Contains 21% crude protein, 15% starch and 13MJ/kg of metabolised energy.
Download PDF (Beef cattle/lambs)
Download PDF (Dairy cows)
DDG-S/ DryA coarse, brown coloured powder obtained by drying freshly prepared residues, extracted from a distillery after wheat grain fermentation.
Dairy PelletSpecifically designed to deliver lactating cows with a quality source of protein, rumen fermentable carbohydrates, trace minerals and vitamins.Download PDF
Pasture PelletSuitable for all breeding Cows and Cattle on long term supplementary feed rations.Download PDF
Calf PelletThis product is designed to encourage rumen development in calves. Containing vitamins and minerals including Biotin, a vitamin that improves hoof health and HyD for improved calcium and energy metabolisation.Download PDF
Lamb AC PelletHigh protein, high energy pellet suitable for feeding all wethers and lambs. Contains added ammonium chloride to assist in the reduction of urinary calculi.Download PDF
Goat PelletUnique blend of non-fibre carbohydrates delivers balanced source of energy for optimal rumen health and animal production, maximising milk production. Enhanced by HyD a highly effective calcidiol precursor to activate vitamin D for significantly increase calcium and energy metabolism.Download PDF
DCS SyrupThis product is the liquid fraction that remains after grains (principally wheat) have been fermented. Very high in metabolizable energy and a good source of available crude protein due to high carbohydrate, fat contents and low fibre.

Manildra Products

Products ex Manildra NSW 2865

For all enquiries please call 0409 329 464 or email
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Mill MixLoose wheat bran and pollard from the milling of flour.
Mill Mix PelletsPelletised wheat bran and pollard from the milling of flour.