Cattle feeding
Cattle and stockfeed

Manufacturing a range of quality performance supplementary feeds for export and domestic beef cattle, dairy cow, sheep, swine and poultry markets, our stockfeeds are sourced from Manildra-owned and operated production facilities in NSW at Manildra, Gunnedah, Narrandera, Bomaderry, Cootamundra and Harwood. Our purpose-built pelletising plant at Nowra will utilise the full resources of the company for specific feeds formulated for:

  • Dry Dairy Cows.
  • Transition Dairy Cows
  • Lactating Dairy Cows
  • Background Beef Cattle
  • Feedlot Cattle
  • Supplementary Lamb and Sheep feeds

Our comprehensive range of performance feed also includes;

  • high-protein meat and bone meal from Manildra Meat Company by-product;
  • high-energy molasses from our Manildra Harwood Sugar refinery, a palatable wheat mill mix blend of wheat bran and pollard from our flour mills; and
  • wheat dried distiller’s grain and solubles, a highly palatable source of protein and energy suitable for all ruminants.

For all stockfeed orders and enquiries, please email or call (02) 4423 8300.

Mill Mix PelletsStock feed20285- BulkPelletised wheat bran and pollard from the milling of flour.Mill mix pellets are typically used as a quality source of protein, starch and fibre for use in feeding cattle, sheep and pigs.
Mill MixStock feed20180- Bulk, 920180- Bulk, 20186- Bulka Bag, 20184- 30kg, 20310- BulkLoose wheat bran and pollard from the milling of flour.Mill mix is typically used as a quality source of protein, starch and fibre for use in feeding cattle, sheep and pigs.
DDG-SStock feed35010- BulkA coarse, brown coloured powder obtained by drying freshly prepared residues, extracted from a distillery after wheat grain fermentation.High quality source of rumen degradeable protein and fermentable carbohydrates.
MolassesStock feed40041- 292kgs (Drums), 40019- 29kgs (Pails), 40040 (Pallecon)A black, viscous liquid which is the final product remaining after all commercially available sucrose has been removed from sugar syrup. Molasses appears black to reddish brown (when aerated) and the odour and flavour are typically strong of caramelised sugar. The molasses has been further treated to ensure it meets food grade requirementsLiquid source of readily fermentable carbohydrates, highly palatable.
Gempro ETGStock feed50172- 25kgsA beige coloured powder produced from wheat protein as enzyme - solubilised ingredient for calf milk replacer formulations.Used as a partial replacement for dairy proteins in calf milk.
DDG S PelletsStock feed35026A dark coloured pellet obtained by drying freshly prepared protein, extracted from a wheat fermenting distillery. The DDG-S Plus Pellet has been carefully prepared to include all available soluble wheat proteins and maximise by-pass proteins above 55% of available proteins. DDG-S Plus Pellet is also higher in starch and yeast protein compared to DDG-S.Ideal source of protein, starch and sugars for dairy cows and all livestock.
DCS Syrup BulkStock feed35025A coarse, dark coloured liquid obtained by extracting from a grain fermenting distillery.Viscous liquid that is highly palatable, used in supplementary rumen formulations.
Canola MealStock feed20700- BulkResidual meal from the crushing of canola seed.Sourced from MSM milling