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Our Projects
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Manildra has partnered with industry-leading Australian-owned agricultural and manufacturing organisations in line with our commitments to;

  • maintaining our competitive edge to meet the ever-changing demands of domestic and export markets;
  • further expanding our diverse range of value-added manufactured products derived from Australian agriculture; and
  • leading research and development in world-best practice processes at state-of-the-art facilities to deliver high-value, quality-controlled products for a range of applications.

EthanolSince 1992, Manildra has been producing ethanol from  starch, as part of an integrated manufacturing process, and is today Australia’s largest producer of a range of ethanol grades for all applications – from high-grade beverage and pharmaceutical, to industrial and fuel.

In 2013, our Nowra facility was the first plant in the world to receive the internationally-recognised sustainability certificate from the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials, an international collection of farmers, companies, non-government organisations, experts, governments, and inter-governmental agencies concerned with the global sustainability of bio-materials production and use. Manildra maintains this certification through the implementation of RSB’s environmental, social and economic principles and criteria.

Our world-first sustainable ethanol distillery plant makes enough clean energy to run the equivalent of 100,000 cars per year. Ethanol blends of as little as 10 per cent in unleaded petrol can cut harmful exhaust emissions – including cancer-causing carcinogens such as butadiene, benzene and PM 2.5 – by almost one-third. Visit the E10 The Good Fuel to learn more about the full benefits of ethanol fuel.


OurProjects_waterOur world-first sustainable Nowra plant’s advanced water treatment system recycles 40 million litres of water (equivalent to 16 Olympic pools) every week. It turns waste materials into fresh water for re-use in manufacturing processes and methane to fuel the plant’s boilers – producing and re-using about 260,000Gj of biogas (enough to supply about 12,000 homes) every year.

The water not recycled back to the plant is irrigated on our Environmental farm to grow grasses and crops to support our cattle operations.

Carbon Dioxide

CO2Our state-of-the-art, world-class sustainable Nowra plant captures enough CO2 in a day to fill 36 million cans of carbonated drinks and produces a range of other value-added products crucial to industries from food and confectionery to brewing, building, paper and stockfeed, for domestic and export markets.

Beef and Lamb

Manildra Meat CompanyOur environmentally-friendly farm at Nowra, NSW, runs over 2000 head of cattle for the Manildra Meat Company’s natural meats brands. The Cootamundra region in the Riverina heartland is among the world’s best places for nurturing premium lamb and Manildra Meat Company is supplied by local family-based growers with ties to the land for many generations. They have perfected the art of sustainable natural farming practices to provide a premium natural product today while also caring for the land to ensure quality product as nature intended is available for the generations to come.

Together with the Manildra Natural Lamb range, the Manildra Natural Beef brand has been developed in conjunction with the local producers to supply premium-quality grass-fed Angus product – all as natural as the rich countryside’s abundant sunlight and the frequent annual rainfall.

Emerging challenges such as high production costs relative to global competitors, climate change, and increasing regulatory burdens have made it essential for Manildra to deliver innovative processes and manufacturing technologies that provide efficiencies and value and safeguard the integrity, safety and wholesomeness of our product.

Cane Farming

Cane FarmingThe Manildra Harwood Sugars partnership with the cane growers of NSW is the only Australian-owned and sustainably-certified sugar manufacturer, the last-remaining Australian-owned sugar refiner, and the largest supplier of 100 per cent Australian-grown and refined packaged retail sugar to the domestic market. The entire NSW cane crop is refined and marketed through the Sunshine Sugar brand.

A significant contributor to the economy, employment and social prosperity of the region, the Harwood refinery was built when the NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative formed the Manildra Harwood Sugars joint venture in 1989.

In 2012, Manildra Harwood Sugars was the first refiner in the world to be awarded Bonsucro certification, the global metric standard for the social, environmental and economically sustainable production of sugar.

The growers of the co-operative strongly supported a merger in July 2015 of the refining and milling operation under the Sunshine Sugar partnership, and Manildra bought a 50 per cent stake in the milling operations from the NSW growers for the joint operation of the milling and refining operations as one business. Manildra Harwood Sugars is now the only 100 per cent Australian-owned refinery, of which we are very proud.

MSM Milling

MSM MillingOur joint venture with MacSmith Milling replaces imported saturated frying fat with Australian-grown and crushed canola oil, making enough canola oil in a month to equate to 5000 tonnes of the 40,000 tonnes of saturated frying fat imported every year.

Built alongside the oilseed refinery, the fully-integrated manufacturing and filling Manildra Packing facility operates the latest European technology to supply packaged oil for domestic and export markets.

Our virtually transfat-free (VTF), animal-fat free and cholesterol-free range of fats and oils for The Healthy Baker brand are made from the highest-quality vegetable oils.

Adding value to the crushed oilseed, protein meal is extracted for processing in our new state-of-the-art, purpose-built stockfeed pelletising plant. This plant, commissioned in 2014, produces a comprehensive range of stockfeed blends from crushed canola meal, grain from local farmers, mill run from our flour mills and condensed distillers syrup from our world-first sustainable ethanol and starch plant, to supply domestic and international stockfeed markets.